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How would your business be different today if you had 10-20 page 1 targeted presences with your web sites right now? What would be different about your business? Your Income? Your Life? I know 1 thing, you would be making more money.

If you knew that you could have dozens of web sites on Page 1 of Google in less than 30 days, what would stop you from having that? Money? Cost?

If you change nothing about what you are doing today ... is anything going to change for you tomorrow?

Some people are worried and "stalled" over all of this health care stuff, while the Internet Millionaires, well they just keep making their millions. You will have a chance to do something about politics in a few months. There's not much you can do now.

However, what you CAN do something about RIGHT NOW is starting to make more income from your business, any business, any product, any service, right away!

Last night we did a "mini" demonstration of Internet Branding Pro for a very large Audience. If you have Windows media player you can watch the raw recording with this link .

NOTE: It's a Raw video from Gotowebinar so you might need to install the Codec for Gotowebinar. You can get it here .

Last night's call and Webinar was Packed, and some people could not make it in, so watch the webinar.  If you missed the last few Interviews with Marq and Jim you can listen to them here.

So what's all the Fuss About ... Expanding our Network, our The First of it's Kind Business Tactical Network with Internet Branding Pro™ as the Engine.

Just this morning I received a call from 1 of my commercial clients who can't handle all the new business he's getting just after 4 weeks on the platform. He's on page 1 on over 60 keywords now. Five weeks ago you couldn't find his website.

And he's running Version 1.1 of IBP. Version 1.2 is cranking hundreds of pages per day out now and Version 1.3 featuring a very new technology will be installed in the next 10 days. IBP V1.2 is like having a jackhammer to break up concrete instead of common hammer. IBP V1.3, featuring Internicheware "Blogging Corkscrew" technology, will be installed in the next 14 days.

We created our March Madness Promotion and Challenge to expand our network with marketers who are tired of buying leads, paying huge sums for pay per click, harassing their friends and family, or just have a business they want to build on the Internet.

You see, as our network expands, so does it's cumulative power for all members.

So we created the following offers ...

If you purchase any membership with Pinnacle Evolution, you get the next product up. For example, A Lift Off membership ($100/$50 per month profit for you) would get you an Accelerate Membership ($150, $75/month per customer), and so on through our 7 membership and service levels.

We also created a very special promotion, a way for you pay monthly ($200) for a Success Masters ($1,995 retail) that would enable you to make $500 commissions. We did this to help those who could not afford the higher membership levels.

As you climb up our membership levels, what you receive is more and more personal support with your marketing and business building efforts. You have our experts do the work for you, making the following promotional specials a steal.

You buy a P1 and receive the P2 service AND instant eligibility to earn profits of $50 - $2,200 per membership sale). This offer continues up through P4. So if you purchase a P2 ($3,995) you will receive the P3 system and support package and eligibility to earn $50-$5,000 per transaction. And if you buy in at P3 you get the full year in personal support for up to 2 businesses and are eligible to earn $50 - $16,000 in a membership sale.

Here's the best part of this offer. It's Already and Unheard of Value with High Profit Pay Plans. When you upgrade or buy a higher price program, you get to SKIP the purchase of the memberships in between!
So if you are a P1 member now and you want to get to P4, all you have to do is buy a P4, instead of having to buy P2, P3 and P4 as is normal.

Compare that to Legacy Direct Sales where if you wanted to buy the higher tier 3 program, you have to buy all 3 product levels. So in Pinnacle Evolution, if you Decide To Play Big, Get a P4 level membership, and have your Internet Empires built for you using IBP during this special promotion; you only have to buy a P4 product. In that 1 scenario, it saves you over $12,000 compared with alternative high profit opportunities.

And more importantly, this gets you IN BUSINESS, not just a Franchise in the Desert.

Now, this promotional offer was very limited, and ENDS as soon as we hit the following objectives.

S1 gets S2, 3 remaing
S3 gets you P1, ONLY 3 LEFT
P1 gets you P2, Only 1 Left
P2 gets you P3, Too Late CALL!
P3 Gets you P4, Too Late CALL!

Pinnacle Evolution March Madness Promotion ENDING SOON
Cost You
Your Earn $$$
Profit Up To
Availability IBP
S1 $100/mo S2 $150/month $75/month/cust 3 NO
S2 $150/mo S3 $200/month $100/month/cust 2 PPC
S3 $200/mo P1 $1,995.00/yr $1,000/year/cust** 3 FULL
P1 $1,995/yr P2 $3,995/$1,995yr $2,000/member+Annual 1 FULL
P2*** $3,995 P3 $8,995/membership $5K & $7K/member+Residuals call FULL
P3**** $8,995 P4 $14,995/membership $9K, $16K/member+Residuals call FULL
*You are elligible to earn profits up to the level indicated including from all lower programs
**You Earn $500 per P1 until you fully upgrade to P1, Special Conditions Apply
***6 month fast start support package included for 1 business
****12 month fast start package included for 2 businesses
Time is running out on this offer. Remember, our products are SERVICE products. You won't be just getting an event ticket for an expensive vacation in the Caribbean. You will receive something WAY MORE VALUABLE ... a Profitable Internet Business.

We've already helped many individuals and businesses, are you next?

Act Now  CALL 866-495-2115 toll Free or 504-813-3640 to grab your spot, or to just get your questions answered. Email hb2support@gmail.com for email contact.