Let the Renaissance Begin!


Read this Report ONLY if you can handle the truth!


By Jim Rivas - Edited by Toni Weel


Which one of these 8 LIES will

Doom You to Failure in
Your Home Business

IF you Believe them …


And Why One Closely Guarded Solution,
Proven to Produce Huge Results has been

Avoided by Most, and even Banned by a Few

Home Business Opportunity Companies …

For Everyone Except the Top Income Earners.


Who Should Read This E-book?

·       Anyone that has been involved in Home Based Business

·       Anyone that is considering getting started in a Home Based Business be it Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales or other.

·       Anyone that wants a way to create prosperity in their lives, yet simply haven’t found the solution

·       Anyone that has had a less than optimal result in Network Marketing, MLM, or Direct Sales Network Marketing.


Strap on your equipment, turn your BS detector on High, and prepare yourself to learn what you need to know to make it big in an industry that has historically been based on failure.


Greetings Opportunity and Truth Seeker,


You just know it don’t you? Something is amiss with the Home Business Industry. It didn’t take you long to figure out actually. All you had to do is surf the web, listen to a few opportunity presentations and experience a “3-way squeeze" close call to become confused and suspicious about what they are NOT telling you.


They make it sound so easy don’t they? They make it sound like everyone is making money using a simple “System”. Yet something inside you says “there’s more to this”.

And while you may become excited about the prospects of making more money and actually creating your designer life, the kind of life you really want; your gut is telling you that something is not completely right.


It is well known that hundreds of thousands of average people like you and like me, seek a better life by looking to the home business marketplace for a solution. What is not as well known is that only 10% or less of these people actually get started and open a home based business. Of the 10% that do get started, less than 10% of those individuals ever make any money with their home based business.


The reasons for this lack of success are many. However when this author surveyed the marketplace, I found that the #1 reason people failed was what they perceived as lack of adequate training and support and/or a misrepresentation of what true startup costs were going to be.


While it is well known that these opportunity companies provide training and support, where does this gap between perception and reality come from?


The gap is in the truth (or lack thereof)!


Let me be perfectly clear right now. I love the home business industry because it has changed my life forever in many positive ways. I am one of the very few … I am someone that has made it big in the industry; a Industry Top Earner, having made multiple 7 figures since December 2004.


My success was nearly instant for a few important reasons. The most important reason I succeeded quickly was because I did not buy into all of the non-sense surrounding the industry. I operated my home business like a business. I used the blueprint and strategies that are outlined herein.


What you are about to learn may shock you. While you continue to experience many “ah ha” moments as revelation after revelation of truth is served up for you, you will naturally begin to understand what it was that made you so queasy, or perhaps why you did not find the success you were seeking in the first place.


Know this. The home business industry has much to offer including massive prosperity. If it did not hold this possibility, no one would ever get started. Yet, current industry norms are stuck in a time warp of nostalgic approaches to success, as many of yesterday’s successful home business builders are today’s opportunity company owners.


And while these company owners are, in the vast majority of cases, very capable at building great products, compensation structures, and companies, their approach to sales, marketing, and business building is behind the times.


The history of the successes in the Home Business industry pale in comparison to the damage left behind; the 95%+ of individuals that funded the incomes of the top earners, yet who did not get what they were seeking.


Sadly, because of this reality, statistically you are more likely to end up in the 95% than you are in the 5% … UNLESS … You …


Don’t fall Victim to these Eight (8) Lies.


Instead, read the rest of this report and digest its contents as it will unlock what is really available to you to create a life by design. When you have the closely guarded insider information of how Top Earners like me,  became and remain Top Earners, you will begin to feel certain  and feel relieved that there is a definitive solution for your success.


And as you are soon to learn (and be shocked by), this kind of success has nothing to do with a SYSTEM either; other than to try to make you think that what Top Earners do is a “walk in the park” (presumably so you will more easily part with your dollars).


Skeptical? Good, you should be … read on!



The 8 Big Lies


Have you ever listened to a teleconference presentation or visited a web site that advanced any of these ideas? …


Lie #1 – It’s easy to make a 6 figure

income working from home


There is nothing “easy” about earning a 6 figure income. Those that are fortunate enough to generate this level of income working for someone else, know that a 6 figure income via a corporate paycheck comes with a price, a huge personal price.


When a company pays you a salary north of 6 figures, you will become an indentured servant, and your employer will expect much from you to justify this level of pay. What’s worse is that it could all be gone in a moment. When it comes to making cuts in an organization, the biggest dollars make the most impact, and are thus scrutinized more closely (and released more easily when company results are down).


Even more difficult than earning a 6 figure paycheck from a company, is building a traditional business that will pay you 6 figures in the short term. Aside from the obvious challenges of building a traditional business such as adequate capitalization, large loans from banks (and credit cards), and employees to manage (just to name a few); the first 3 years in any new traditional business can be down right dicey. And the bottom line is that as the owner, YOU GET PAID LAST!


That said, that you would believe it to be “easy” to make a 6 figure income in home based free enterprise could only come from ignorance (ignorancium use), excessive “hope” (hopium use), or otherwise wishful thinking (dreamium abuse).


Less than 5% of all home business operators generate a 6 figure income. And those who do, do so because they build their business with tenacity, passion, and discipline (the same traits required in all business ownership).


That the number of successful home based entrepreneurs is this low is not an indictment of the nature of the opportunity, but more of an indictment of who is the target of the advertising and sales process.


Stop and think about who would believe that they could make a 6 figure income after spending a little bit of time on a company’s website, listening to a presentation call or two, and having a couple of conversations with a representative.


The people that say yes after such limited due diligence fall into 2 categories. (1) Those that believe they can succeed because they have before; and (2) those that don’t know any better, yet have a dream of an abundant life.


(1) A very small percentage of individuals that start home businesses are people that have already produced 6 figure results in their lives, and thus believe they can generate this level of income using any vehicle.

They know that creating 6 figure results requires focus and effort, and they actually understand what "focus and effort" really is.