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JAM video #1 Marketing Script   2014-04-109

Are You Ready to Finally Make Real Money Online?

With something REAL

With Something Easy

With Something Legitimate?

Are you ready to make your first $1, $20, $250 online TOMORROW or later today?

How about making BIG money?                     

Are you ready to ALSO be able to make $1,000, $2,000 even $5,000 or more instantly from the Internet

With a Truly Commercially Legitimate Business,

Offering a Unique New Proprietary Marketing Automation Technology,

Using a system so simple literally anyone can use it

Are you ready to have a business you can feel proud to be part of ...

that allows you to make life changing income immediately and residually for many years to come ...

That is not some flimsy volatile income scheme ...

And  That doesn’t rely on a never ending stream of recruiting ... the predictably will come to an end.

If making money legitimately as early as today ...

if using simple turnkey technology to do all the dirty work for you ...

If never having to feel the pain of failure, shame from realizing you fell for a money making scheme, or worrying about if you are going to get paid from your company when the government crashes in to shut down their money game ...

KEEP WATCHING THIS VIDEO ... it may be the most important 10 minutes of your life ...

Hi, my name is Jim Rivas and 10 years ago I left a 25 year career of starting, owning, and building small niche commercial businesses to get started in the home based online income game.

I was one of the few; I experienced massive success ... 7 figure per year success. In fact, I was able to come out of no-where, with no list and no experience in the industry, and become top global earner in 3 separate companies over a 6 year period.

I’ve been self-employed since I was 25 years old, and made millions of dollars creating marketing advantages for my customers, both for Fortune 500 companies in the B2B world, and for individuals like you in the Free enterprise world. All told I’ve sold over $100,000,000 in products and services in my professional lifetime.

I tell you this, not to impress you, but to impress upon you that I know a little bit about making BIG MONEY, and for the last few years, myself and a team of entrepreneurs, some highly successful, and some newbies, created the ultimate marketing automation technology, and what we believe to be the perfect financially opportunity for those who wish to share in the prosperity created as we spread this secret technology across the world.

We structured this opportunity so everyone could participate as well.

As you are about to discover, you can start using our technology for free in just a few minutes, and use it for free forever, if you choose.

However, before we let you have it, let’s take a few minutes and talk about making money online.

When you are finished with this video, it will be clear to you that regardless of your experience level in free enterprise or other organized entrepreneurial activity, you will do it better, be more efficient, make more money, enjoy more success, and thus live a higher quality of life by becoming a part of our network, even if that is just as a free member.

One thing you will learn about us real fast, we don’t play games, we tell the truth, and we offer unrivaled value to our customers. And we’ll prove it to you during the course of this video.

Now let’s talk about the next dollar you are going to make online. Will it be your first? Or will it be your next of many? Will it happen fast? Will it be easy or will it be complicated? Will you need to find a very specific kind of customer, or will a wide range of people be interested?

I’m sure these are all questions on your mind, and probably a few more, ... keep watching the video ... your answers are coming.,

So NOW Imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve made that first dollar, then that first $20, and soon it could be that first $1,000. How’s that going to feel? Great enough to stick it up on the wall like a new restaurant or bar does I’m sure. We know your first sale in any business endeavor is the most important one, which is why we do everything we can to help make it happen for you systemically ... so you can go make the 2nd, third, and so on.

Look, JAM was created to make money period. When you use our simple marketing system to make your next dollar you will realize that this is as easy as making money online gets.

And most of our members report that they generate their first sales quickly by just sending out a pre-formatted email we provide. And from there, you can make your income as big as you want to. Email is one way to attract new customers, yet there are many more as you will learn here.

You see most of our new members report that it takes them a few days, even a week or so to begin to discover how deep, complete and well thought out this company and opportunity is. There is nothing like it in the marketplace. Sure there are others who have hijacked our language and a few of our ideas, yet there is only 1 JMA, and you are here now.

And let’s talk a minute about other opportunities ... because the differences between us and the typical online opportunity are important. Most online opportunities just offer you some e-learning content they created, “Inner circle” or mastermind clubs,  and “big hype” live events as their products; hardly a product catalog you could take into a local business and easily sell. We offer much much more ... more than you’ll find anywhere else where you can make as much as 80%-100% profits on sales.

And we are going to make you an offer at the end of this video so you can get a full, risk free, test drive of the JMA and JAM programs. You’ll be given access to the full power of our proprietary brand Internet Marketing automation technology as well as access to our unrivaled software, content, and marketing products. But I’m getting ahead of myself ...

Now ... let’s talk about how to be successful on today’s Internet. And we are going to assume that you want both short term and long term success.

There are two ways you can go about this. The conventional approach is to build a Legacy Internet Presence and the other is to use an automation technology like ours.

A Legacy Internet Presence  includes one or more websites full of content using a blogging system such as wordpress. This presence, these web sites and pages must then be “Socialized” and “Syndicated” to achieve maximum rank and exposure for you.

So the first thing you have to do is learn how to blog. Blogging is easy enough; however, that doesn’t mean setting up a blog that generates cash flow for you is. And when you are all done learning how to blog and becoming a blogger ... you have just begun. To give you an idea how much training goes into mastering blogging ... our training center includes almost 500 hours of video’s alone and countless e-books to teach you how to be a blogger. But that wouldn’t be enough ...

You see with the Legacy plan, you still have to build and engage in managing a Social Media presence, and a syndication (content sharing) presence. You’ll have to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, and others daily in addition to your blogging work.

If you are currently building, or maintain a Legacy Internet Presence, you know how time consuming, technically challenging, and downright difficult it really is. You probably also appreciate how much time you have invested in learning to get to where you are, and much more still lies ahead as the Internet is always changing.

If you are like most conventional or (Legacy) Internet Marketers you’ve spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your Internet Education, and even more time and money on your web sites or blogs, only to discover that it never ends ... there is always some new tool or widget, some new requirement to keep your web site ranked high, if your site even ranks at all. Plus there always seems to be some new wrinkle discovered by some Guru who will sell you part of the information you require .... for a price.

Have you ever thought to yourself ... there has to be a better easier way!!!

Well a few years ago, our founders had that very same question, and pursued a solution ...

 We created a new and powerful Highly-Automated technology to run our Internet marketing network because it was clear to me, and the rest of our founders, that eventually, Legacy Internet marketing would eventually be replaced with Intelligent automation ... just like you’ve seen in just about every industry ... and we wanted to be on the cutting edge of that emerging marketplace so that our members have more choices, our members get to skip the long Internet Marketing learning Curve, and our members can make more money in whatever business they wanted to promote online including our own.

It took several years of R&D, millions of dollars, and literally several million lines of computer code to create this new technology that will forever change the way you market on the Internet.

This system will help you market whatever you want online more simply, more easily, and more powerfully. Plus you can make a boatload of money selling it to others quickly and over the long haul; and we’ve made that part easy as well.

Just think of this technology like you would comparing what it takes to drive a car vs. what it takes to pilot an jet or a space shuttle. Your car only requires that you master 3 controls ... the steering wheel, the accelerator, and the brakes. Flying a jetliner or a space shuttle requires much much more skill and knowledge; and like Internet marketing, there are only a few people as a percentage of the population who can fly jet aircraft or space ships compared with how many people can drive cars.

So what happens to Internet marketing when you make it as simple as driving a car, instead of as hard as flying a jet liner like it is now? You guessed it, almost everyone will be able to do it. And so what would make for a tremendous financial opportunity? You guessed it again, selling the technology that lets the ordinary person market like a “Jet Pilot”, “Astronaut”, or a rock star. And that’s what this financial opportunity is really about ... providing game changing resources and technology to a marketplace starving for this kind of solution.

You will learn more about the technology as you continue through this process. Just keep watching this video and you will be directed where you need to go next.

Now ... Let’s continue discussing how you make your next $1 online right away.

You have already taken the first step for option #2 when you signed up on this website and simultaneously joined the Joint Marketing Alliance and a free member.

As a free member of the JMA, you can use our proprietary Internet Publishing Technology called WIZnet to publish and unlimited amount of content about your business and have it hosted on our network at no cost to you indefinitely. That will certainly help any existing business you may have, and even allow you to build an online income from scratch; however, I’m sure you are watching this because you want to have more financial success ... period. You want it to be easy as possible ... And I’m guessing the sooner you make your next $1 the better ... right?

So let’s cover how to start banking an ever increasing stream of $20 bills, and even ultimately leveraging that into life changing income ... the kind of income that will positively impact the quality of your life.

We provide everything you could possible want or need to know to make your business more successful: up to date mentoring and training webinars providing you a “continuity based” learning environment to go with our powerful marketing technology so you can spend your time honing your entrepreneurial skills, developing your business, and making money; instead of spending the next 3-6 years trying to figure out how to market online.

Our offerings are quite unique too as provide complete and constantly updated “know how” set, and the simple “Push button” machine that keeps your learning requirements to a minimum. In fact, in this new age of Internet marketing automation, having complete legacy Internet marketing knowledge is like knowing how to build a car from scratch. It’s nice, but not necessary in order to drive.

So why does this matter to you ... you just want to make some money online right? It matters a lot actually. Your next $1 from the Internet will come either from someone who wants to make money themselves, someone looking for an opportunity just like you; or from someone with another business who needs help marketing their business, and who needs our simplification.

So what better product to offer a brand new, or even established entrepreneur than the entire library of what it takes to be successful in every business and proprietary technology to make it far easier.

Now we all know there are all kinds of online opportunities out there. Some are legitimate, some are not. Most are just about making money from a never ending process of recruiting others who also want to make money online; and most of those opportunities offer educational products about Internet marketing, real estate, healthy living, or real estate. And even some market “lifestyle” as if it’s a product.

If it’s not apparent to you yet, we are different than the rest. Selling real value matters to us. Of course our proprietary technology offers unrivaled value on its own, however, we decided to also offer our massive and ever expanding resource library as our entry level product because it contains everything you could possibly want to know about business and marketing, game changing software tools, and loads of other valuable goodies for Internet marketing and a higher quality of life.

We call it the JAM Program which stands for “JMA Affiliate Marketer” Program, our turn-key affiliate direct re-seller plan for beginners.

It’s lucrative ... you keep 100% of the revenue as profit for yourself.

It’s comprehensive ... thousands of products to make your online marketing and business life easier, faster, and less stressful.

It’s Easy ... if you can send an email you can start making money with the JAM program today ...

It’s In Demand ... thousands of products make this a  “Must Have” resource depot for every business.

And It’s Affordable ... everyone can afford this, period!

... just keep watching as I’m about to reveal an offer that will blow your mind for this kind of value.

Now ... It doesn’t matter what business you are in either... if you will be doing any kind of marketing, online or offline, including simple emailing, then you want this product.

If you are a newbie, and you actually want to succeed online, then you NEED THIS PRODUCT.

If you are here because you want to make more money online from your existing websites and businesses, then you must have your own JAM package.

If you are here because you want a WAY to make more money from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere in the world you can connect to the Internet, then you found the PERFECT PRODUCT, the PERFECT Opportunity, a Real Legitimate Business Opportunity; An opportunity to make money from individuals and businesses alike immediately and for a long time to come.

And Get This ... there is no shortage of potential customers ... in fact all of our products are designed for END USER consumers, so your customers keep on buying over and over ... Every business, every entrepreneur, anyone and everyone who wants to make more money, generate more leads, and sell more products online or offline needs a JAM package! This market is stunningly large and it’s GLOBAL!

And because the JAM Package is Internet Delivered, you have zero inventory to keep. When you Buy your JAM package right now, you get access right now. When your customer buys their JAM package, they get instant and immediate access, automatically. In this instant gratification world we live in, that’s huge; and it makes for a simple, easy, tidy business for you.

You drive traffic to one of the websites we provide you, people sign up and buy, you get paid, and the JMA delivers the JAM product immediately and for as long as your customer continues subscribing.

And history has revealed that most of your customers will keep their JAM subscription for a long long time because of the value they continue to receive from our continuously updated product library, our constantly expanding proprietary content, and our almost DAILY LIVE continuity and  Know How programs. Jam is a resource that every business needs, and its affordable so every business can have it.

Can you see how you can start banking profits with the JAM program as early as TODAY? Can you see how you can turn this into an ever compounding stream of easy profits for your business?

Now Remember, You can market the JAM Program as a stand-alone, compounding profit center, or as a gateway program to greater profits, even huge profits when you use JAM as a “loss Leader” for marketing business products and opportunities.

And get this ... many of these products ... thousands of these products are re-sale right products ... which means you can re-sell them individually or in bundles and keep 100% of the money.

Some companies charge over $10,000 for what we call the Prosperity Vault alone, and you get access as part of the JAM package for much much less that standard retail prices.

With Value like this, I;m sure you’re wondering how much this all costs? That is the topic of much past and ongoing internal debate.

We knew we invested millions of dollars and years of time into developing WIZnet and companion JMAP technologies. We decided to offer separate big profit products and programs built around this proprietary technology because JMAP has no equals, and the commercial alternatives cost a lot.  Just ask any business what they pay to outsource their Internet Marketing and how much they spend on paid advertising.

As an Internet Marketer yourself, you can expect to have those same costs unless you do everything yourself. This of course is what most people get stuck doing and why most people fail as well. The typical home business operator can’t afford to pay to have their Internet marketing done right; and the learning curve to do your own marketing is difficult at best, even if you already have a technology background.

Our Elite Factor 7 Programs are designed to support marketers who want to build their very own Internet Real Estate on their own domains using our proprietary JMAP technology. Ultimately, this is where the big money is, and this is where you build assets for the future; however,

the fact is, having a big Internet presence of your own is not required to start making money online.

Sure having a big list or your own website that pulls in traffic already is a big plus when you choose to market JAM and Factor 7; however, they are NOT REQUIRED to make money. In fact, the JMA may just be the only opportunity where you can earn an executive level income and never build anything on the Internet.

In fact, You would be hard-pressed to find another business opportunity that offers you as many ways to make money as the JMA does, and you’ll discover more about that as you learn more and more about us.

Look!  This program is deep, we offer a lot of options and programs and a wide range of profit plans; and should you decide you want to make bigger money, you’ll learn more about those programs.

Yet for right now ... we focus on the beginning, the first step for you, and for your customers.

And by the way ... We know there are many scams out there ... many online opportunities that are pretty much just money games ... and that it is difficult to know the difference at first glance.

So we are going to make you an incredible offer, right here and right now so you can get into this game, see what real value and commercial viability looks like, and prove to yourself that this is the real deal, that our products and programs are worth having, and for those of you looking for an opportunity, that this business is worth being in.

Specifically when you take the next step you will

1)    learn how the JMA and our proprietary technologies can help you make more money online right away and for a long time to come

2)    see how we are different in all the right ways and how we put together the perfect product and opportunity for you to succeed ...

3)    discover how much more money you’ll make marketing a commercially viable and Legitimate Business opportunity vs. a scheme that requires never ending recruiting

4)    and most importantly we want you to meet us and our community, be involved in our LIVE training programs available ONLY to our JAM members, and see how we can help you and your business.

Our members who have participated in other opportunities say that our support and training is hands down superior to anything else available; and that makes life easier for you in that you have the support you require and so do your customers, without you having to provide it.

So Let’s take a closer look at what you get with the JAM Program and this incredible offer we have assembled for you ...

You already have unlimited access to use WIZnet to easily publish your content on the JMAP network, and you should click on the “W” button above to Get Started Using WIZnet immediately. You’ll be up and running in literally minutes ... less than 5 minutes in fact ... and be able to publish whatever you want.

Free Members get access to the basic WIZNET system; whereas JAM members can get several enhanced features such as

1)    Increased functionality, including easier image and media handling and storage.

2)    Think Tanks ... And exclusive WIZnet capability where you get to claim and control “Keyword Space” on our network permanently, so you can become the authority for your topic on the JMAP network, as well as search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

3)    External Publishing Interface ... allows you to use WIZNet to publish directly to your word press or other CMS blog as well as the important social networks, saving you duplicated effort.

4)    Article Syndication and propagation ... JAM member’ content is also submitted to the JMAP Syndication Engine to further propagate your content across the web.

So what is this part worth? Other companies such as Empower charge $25 - $40/month for you to use a free wordpress blogging system on their domain. When you do something like this you are paying someone for the privilege of building their assets for them.

We give you this capability for FREE with WIZnet because we figure if you are going to create content on our network of domains, then the least we can do to thank you is to let you do it for FREE.

Of course, when you decide you want to actually own your own empire on the web, with your content on your own domains, you’ll be able to easily deploy whatever you publish on WIZnet to as many domains as you want with JMAP.

Now the real power and value of having a JAM package is that you can use WIZnet to publish your content to your blogs, social sites, and syndicated it across our network and the Internet with a couple of mouse clicks for maximum impact.

This part of the Jam package has profound value alone and research into comparable systems reveals that these capabilities are worth $200.00 per month in the commercial marketplace, or a 1 time purchase equivalent of $4,600.00.

Of course we could just stop right there, and just offer that for the incredible price we’re offering you here; however, our goal is to so dramatically over-deliver that everyone will just say yes to the Jam package.

Now, we know that you either have, or will encounter offerings for Internet and business training of all sorts, so we decided to include all of our existing proprietary training and our truly massive library of training, business and marketing software, resources, and tons of other content that resides in our Prosperity Vault into the JAM package.

Total Value of our Academy of Entrepreneur Development training programs alone sells separately for $3,082.

And the retail value of all of the products in the Prosperity Vault is over $150,000 if you purchased each product separately at the full retail price.

If you want to see the details of what’s in both the Academy and Prosperity vault, scroll down this web page. The list of what you get is just way too long to include in this video. We are talking about over 10,000 separate products!

Yes there is that much value there already, and more added weekly; making the prosperity vault the single most valuable product you can buy on the Internet, and a big reason why everyone should get a Jam package.

Owning a JAM package membership is like owning a library of ALL of the business and success secrets ever sold on the Internet since the beginning of the Internet. Most of these products either are currently available on e-commerce sites like Clickbank, or were at one point in time.

And Get This ... it get’s better! Thousands of the Products in the JMA Prosperity Vault come with 100% re-sale rights meaning you can re-sell them and keep 100% of the revenue as your profit. The value of the re-sale rights alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars, and yet it’s INCLUDED in the JAM program.

So that’s over $157,000 worth of marketing power, content, software, and business resources.

Think you can’t build a niche business because you are not a writer? Think again, the Prosperity Vault includes Millions of pre-written articles about virtually everything that is sold online, software programs so you can easily harness make this content completely unique, and hundreds of turn-key websites and templates so you don’t have to be a designer to make a big statement. The JAM program even includes dozens complete “blogs in a box” that includes pre-written content, graphics, everything you need to market in certain niches.

If you are entertaining doing pure affiliate marketing, and part of our long term Factor 7 blueprint includes building a portfolio of niche  Internet Properties that generate passive affiliate product cash flow, then you absolutely MUST have a JAM package. It will save you thousands of dollars ... really.


We continue to create mentoring, coaching, and training content as part of the JMA Academy of Entrepreneur Development. As a JAM member, you will be able to participate in these sessions LIVE and have access to the recordings in your JAM Library.

Additionally, from time to time we host speakers and other specialists to educate our members about a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, retirement planning, health and wellness, and personal development. Most of that content is added to the JAM package on an ongoing basis.

All told we add 10-20 hours per week of training and other educational materials to the Jam package.

Our LIVE support and Interactive training calls gives you direct access to highly successful leaders, marketers, and trainers in a continuity environment, the only way proven to produce permanent changes and results in participant’s results.

So what does this add to the Value of the JAM package? Most marketing or business training continuity or coaching programs costs $1,000 - $2,000 per month for 4 sessions per month.

So here we have a program containing over $170,000 worth of the information, software, and resources you need to succeed already included right now with constant additions happening every week. Of course it’s more content than anyone can ever use alone; however, our Prosperity Vault Software makes this massive library searchable and downloadable. So you can easily find what you need when you need it.

Imagine the value for you and your business ... imagine how many other individuals and businesses need this as well.

Are you getting the picture ... $170,000 worth of true value ... Ok so how much does it cost you?

This was a complicated decision involving our authors, trainers, founders, and leaders, and as you can imagine not everyone was on the same page ... however, fortunately, I  had the final say ... and my objective is to OVER-DELIVER VALUE and make this a complete no-brainer decision regardless of whether you want to re-sell the Jam package or not. Fact is ... I know you need this and will benefit immensely by having it.

Now we would be well within our right to sell it for $10,000. It’s certainly worth more than that ... way more than that. However, we already have a proprietary product that generates an instant $10,000 profit for you, so we have that market covered.

What about $5,000 ... yes $5,000 as a sale price on this immense library is very fair. In fact several Online Opportunities offered far far less for $5,000. Yet we already have a program that generates a $5,000 instant profit ... so again, we couldn’t use that price as we have that market covered for you with another valuable product as well...

So then ... We then went all the way down to ... not $499 .... not $297, not even $197  because, yes we already have products that are positioned at many of the profit points between $5,000 and $300, we have those markets covered ...

We decided we wanted to make it a monthly subscription which would make it more affordable, and account for the fact that we are always adding to the JAM Package.

Certainly 97 dollars a month would be fair for sure, in fact it is insane to give this away for so little money really ... We already have commercial clients paying $97 per month for the Prosperity Vault alone

And so there we had our quandary. After several weeks of kicking this around our leadership circles it was time for an executive decision ... if everything else we have is that good ... if our JMAP technology is that good (and it is), if our ability to help anyone build an Internet Empire was that good and truly automated ... why would we charge much at all for the HISTORY of how business has been done ... when we are selling buttons for people to push that automate it, that make the legacy training in the Prosperity Vault and Academy Obsolete.

And with that we decided ... that our standard retail price for the Jam package would be $39.95 ... and our re-sellers would keep $20 of that as their profit ... a 50-50 split.

Then ... it just hit me ... we have plenty of revenue centers for the company so why not let fast movers get the JAM program for only $20 per month and let the re-seller keep 100% of that for every one you sell. Yes you heard that right ... 

if you buy a JAM Program in the next 24 hours you can get it for only $20 per month. Yeah I know ... that’s incredible isn’t it.

We really want you to have this, and we want you to be able to make money easily with this as well.

And you know what? I realize you probably don’t know who we area yet ... we have kept the JMA a secret on purpose while we quietly developed and tested our game changing technology ...

So if you can Be decisive ... you can purchase the JAM package for 1 measly Dollar for the next 15 minutes.

After that, the price will be $20 per month for the next 24 hours, after which you can get the Jam package for $39.95.

And of course, as we just showed you, it’s worth way more than that ...

Just Use Your Common Sense, and check it out ...

It’s only $1 ... so click here right now!

If you don’t like what you see, just cancel your subscription during your 30 day trial period ...

Click here to get your JAM package for $1 for your first 30 days right now.