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Compensation Plan

The Home Business 2.0 Compensation Plan was designed to be simple and yet powerful, and most importantly lucrative.

What we did was combined a 50-50 affiliate commission split on the monthly fee anad place that within a hybrid 1 up style plan.

The montly cost to be an active member of Home Busioness 2.0 is $100. The commission payable 100% to the sponsoring member(*) is $50 or 1/2 of the monthly commission ammount.

The sponsoring member is the member who sponsors you into the Home Business 2.0 program

Leverage is build (additional passive income) through stacked activation. With Stacked Activation, the first person who enrolls in a NEW LEVEL becomes the level actiation sale for that level. The commission for this activating sale also slows to the the sponsor.

From the perspective of each associate, evert time a new level in created, or opened up, the first sale from that activation is "passed" up to the qualifying sponsor.

You don't have to track who get which activating sales pobusiness as it is all done with the company. Just think of it as a perpetual 1 up from each person that you personally sponsor.

There will be a video comming out on the soon, just know this each personally sponsored person could be worth dozens if not hundreds of additional associate commisions for you

This is the most powerful compensation system ever created for the direct sales world.

And right now you can take fron line position for $50













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Dave S. - Ohio, $500 First Day
Allan G. - Vancouver, CA
$2,000 last 7 days
Jerry P. - California, $12,000 last week
Ed W. - Florida just started
Clyde H. - Texasjust started
Larry R. - Florida just started
Bill F. - $20,000 in first 4 weeks.
Chuck R. - Virginia $2,500 first week
Jim R. - Louisiana
$27,000 in first month
Greg H. - Texas $500 first week
Charles, Tennessee
$15,000 in first 3 weeks
Kean W. - New York - $11,000 in Fist WEEK!
Terry H. - Iowa - $1,000 on first day
Micheal M. _ Vacouver, $500 first week
Dolores B. - Ohio $1,500 first 2 days
Kim H. - Indiana $1,000 on first day
Joni F. Missouri, $500 first day
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