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Comparison Between Empower Network (EN) and
Factor 7 Alliance (Factor 7) /The Joint Marketing Alliance (JMA) /
Joint Marketing Alliance Platform (JMAP) and JMAP Wisdom Network

Empower Network can’t hold a candle to Factor 7 and the JMA. Here’s Why!


Initial Empower Network Review

Empower Network is a popular MLM / network marketing program available on the Internet that claims to have 100,000 members. While we have no way to verify those claims (and neither do you), we will assume they are being truthful in terms of the number of people who HAVE signed up for empower network when it started.

The premise of Empower Network is sound on the surface; to provide a “Group Blogging” platform and environment for “the Little Guy” and continuity based marketing training and mindset fluffing.

However, on detailed analysis, Empower Network does NOT stand up to Commercial Scrutiny and it does NOT pass the “Legitimate Business Opportunity” test on many fronts.

Our review of Empower Network and subsequent analysis revealed that EN is nothing more than a money game disguised as a marketing training company. Their product is “Making Money”; that’s why people sign up for it. Therefore it is a recruit to recruit to recruit style typical Direct Sales Network Marketing type of grab the cash plan with some interesting twists.

The compensation plan is uniquely designed to funnel the large majority of the profits to the top, the COMPANY position in the plan. And the Empower Network compensation plan video states this fact … right in your face. This reveals that aside from competing directly with their marketing associates (distributors), they are fleecing them as well by requiring that you pass up 12% of you profits to them. Nice deal for them … no so much for you. And even if your Upline “Payee” is not the company or their designees (and aliases), you will forever be lining the pockets of your sponsor if you are one of the 0.001% of the people who actually make a measurable income. AT $25 / month per member for nothing, and $100 per month for the privilege to attend conference calls that should be FREE, member turnover is high.

How anyone would fall for the hype is beyond this author’s comprehension. However, I do know from experience that these “GUMP” hunts (A.K.A. Good unsuspecting money people scams), are designed to give some level of hope and excitement to the hopeless; to the people who will probably never do anything to create Internet Success; but who just like being around success. Internet Success requires steady focused effort, and it’s made far more easy when you have Internet Automation running for you.

The following presents the results of our research about Empower Network. This section is followed by a comparison to Factor 7 / the Joint Marketing Alliance.

If you are a member of Empower Network and you want to make more money with Empower network than you are; you should get a JMAP system at Factor 7. Even the Free Wiznet system will produce better results for you.

If you are a member of Empower Network and you want to make more money; and I mean as much as 3 times more for the same effort, and you want to market a commercially legitimate product and program set, you should take a look at Factor 7.

If you want to make money doing anything on the Internet, Factor 7, the JMA, and JMAP will help you make it happen like nothing else will.


Empower Network Product(s)

Empower Network's Blogging Network 

EN claims that using their high Alexa ranked site helps you get higher rankings when your Wordpress blog is hosted on their domain. Maybe, but JMAP outranks them when JMAP is used even partially right. EmpowerNetwork.com is weighed down by the fact that many people are blogging incorrectly, that wordpress just isn't the best CMS for ranking on the Internet (you have do do a lot to juke it to work right), and that you have no control over what is going on on the domain (what other's do effects you!). 

EN Claims that “Group Blogging” is better, that it’s good for you as a marketer:

1-      NO it’s not … you put ALL of your effort into building something someone else owns.

2-      No it’s not because if EN goes down, you lose everything

3-      You have no control over the hosting

4-      You never build any asset value

5-      You get no revenue from the advertising on the domain.

6-      Your work drives creation of more value for EN owners

7-      You can’t control domain level linking and other things that could get you BANNED from Google

8-      WHEN Google Bans Empower Network, and at some point they will (you can’t even advertise anything to do with Empower Network already. Google doesn't like them at all), you will lose every second, minute, hour of your efforts you put into building a blog on their platform. It's much better to build your OWN Internet Real estate; to build you own domain, and to do it with an Artificial Intelligence driven super system like JMAP.

Wordpress Blog?

Blogging and Wordpress …. Is OVER! Content curation/Authority Marketing is the future.

Are you OK with building someone else’s domain value as you will with Empower Network?

When the Empower Network Domain goes away … you go away … all effort lost.

And worse yet, when their Domain get’s banned, you get banned … permanently from Facebook, Google, etc.

Empower Network Blogs are Not Ranking at the TOP of the search engines, and JMAP routinely outranks them with brand new, low alexa ranking inexpensive domains. Go figure. Empower Network technology can't be so good can it?

YOUR are the traffic that David Woods brags about … it’s not traffic from new potential clients … which is why they teach you to email/spam market, spam face book (and get banned), spam, spam, black hat,  hype hype, and no results.

Blogging sucks … when using word press or other traditional blogging platforms,

MASS blogging sucks worse, Internet will only show 1 post for a particular keyword/article. If you aren’t writing original content constantly, you are DOA.

Empower Network Training and Inner Circle

Aside from paying for a wordpress blog … with Empower Network you are paying for training, mostly an education in “Black Hat” Banned tactics that get you blocked off of Facebook, Google Etc. Empower Network owner David Woods thinks this is “Bad Ass”.

What it is … is stupid! Empower Network is sheer Marketing stupidity.

Live “Feel Good Events” … totally MLM grab the money, etc.

100% re-sale rights products = no value.


Empower Network Systems and Technology

Wordpress sucks … but you knew that already right? Just blogging on someone else's domain, and domain like empowernetwork.com that is NOT targeted at ANYTHING, will only help to a certain extent. And then again, your blog is on a network where you will be affected by everything that happens on that network ... on that domain. If you have long term plans on the Internet, you want build your OWN internet real estate.

Blogging is OUT … it’s over. Today’s bloggers having to “Trick” Google into thinking they are a news site.

Group Blogging on EN a problem BECAUSE  there is no traction on the domain …. It’s is about too much so no targeting.

Who Built Empower Network's Alexa Ranking? You Did ... everyone who uses Empower Network. The Alexa ranking was not built marketing to consumer audiences. However an Alexa Ranking like EN is a good thing ... for the owners of empowernetwork.com, not you.


The Empower Network Income Opportunity …

No one gets a look without paying …

Too many pass ups … You are not going to get rich unless you people duplicate. But you will make your sponsor a bunch of money

Sucky profit points … Take it from a multiple 7 figure earner, you aren’t going to do it without a Legitimate $5K profit point, and then only if you have a massive organization. $10K profit point puts most 7 figure earners over the TOP. And that’s this year, not 10 years from now.

No need to prance people across stage BECAUSE   you have already collected

You can decide what you get paid.

If it were legitimate, you would be able to advertise it.

Facebook is constantly BANNING EN

It’s targeted at the bottom of the ladder … has nothing to offer established marketers

No tangible marketable product … just training to sell EN; nothing end user oriented which WILL eventually lead to the attorney general outlawing it.

Everything offshore in … Panama, Nevis, Costa Rica … nothing wrong with International EXCEPT if you are an American. Doing business in those areas is a FLAG against you.

You have no recourse against company should they “take the money and run”.

Very few people “going across stage” earning BIG money. (it’s very hard to with a $25 entry point).

The company has YOUR MONEY! WHEN they go down … they will be taking a bunch with them.


The Empower Network Compensation Plan (Comp Plan)

Pass ups sales are too severe. If you are a producer you passing up 12% of you money (and people) to mostly   Dave Woods and the Empower Network. How do you think they make all of that money,

You are competing with the owners.

No true residual income.

Factor 7 = consumption based residuals plus big ticket high profits


Empower Network Intangibles


No list, no results ... everyone of their top earners had a list and had a lot of industry experience. Tony Rush is a 10 year veteran with Liberty League International before Empower Network came along. They actually deliver a Bold Faced Lie about his story. Tony Rush of Empower Network had a major list when he started.

Empower would have you believe that Internet marketing Training is valuable. How valuable can that training be when you don't need it anymore because of innovation like JMAP? The training is complicated, not duplicatable, black hat in nature, and directed solely at promoting EN. 

Empower Network grabs your money for blogging ($25) before you, the user can see that it is worth it, based 100% on the hype of the funnel (which is a total GUMP hunt).

Too Hypey    can’t attract legitimate “high quality” people consistently.

Not Credible owners as technology providers … they are ALL MLM and none of those guys fell out of a van anytime recently. David Woods is a seasoned MLM pro. 

Deal created to be a deal  Empower Network was a scheme designed just to pass some money around, and mostly to David Woods … “The Davids” et. Al.  Can anyone say Empower Network is a Ponzi Scheme.

Empower Network is a scam, such a scam in fact that they have to use offshore merchant accounts (which my credit card company said were flagged as Fraudulent merchants).

NO End user marketing … no attraction globally.

Recruit to recruit to recruit only way to make money …

JMAP is here … Empower Network will not be able to compete. No Internet Blogging and Training environment will be able to compete.

Empower Network though will remain until the Attorney General shut’s it down or it becomes globally banned completely (more than it already is), or until their members wake up and realize that the whole thing is smoke and mirrors and that your participation is a ZERO SUM GAIN! You transfer your wealth and get nothing in return … nothing tangible that is.

I would not recommend Empower Network to anyone, especially serious business people looking to do real commerce.