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Entrepreneur Development Concept

en-tre-pre-enur : (1) one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business enterprise or endeavor. (2) the type of personality who is willing to take upon herself or himself a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome. (3) people who have a talent for seeing opportunities and the abilities to develop those opportunities into profit-making businesses.
de-vel-op-ment : (1) the act of improvement by expanding or enlarging or refining. (2) to grow, the process of an individual growing organically or changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level. (3) to erect, build, or improve that which is raw or unrefined into the refined.

Are we Born Entrepreneurs or not?

Are Entrepreneurs born or made? The debate still rages; however, what is known is that successful entrepreneurs share a galaxy of personality traits. Are these genetic personality traits, or are they traits that entrepreneurial people develop as a result of their environment?

The genetic copout ... There is an expanded and somewhat prevailing belief among many people that entrepreneurial traits are passed genetically within families. This is both wrong and right.

Entrepreneurial traits reside in every creature on earth. In the case of humans, some have more developed skills. The only difference from one person that is said to have entrepreneurial traits over one that does not is their RISK tolerance. Risk intolerance or risk aversion is rooted in fear; and is therefore a LEARNED personality trait.

Pure Entrepreneurialism is Genetic and is part of our "fight or flight" or survival instincts. People become quiet resourceful indeed when faced with life and death circumstances, or are under tremendous pressure or need.

The difference between conventional wisdom and reality comes from observation of individuals who practice entrepreneurialism in business or "outward endeavors" compared with those that do not. Those who do not practice "external" entrepreneurialism are those that have not been conditioned through environment, need, or desire to harness their core genetic code beyond survival. People who do practice "external" entrepreneurialism have learned through conditioning to embrace calculated risk taking to have the opportunity to have more of whatever they need or want.

Conventional Wisdom (CW) crashes and burns on this issue from a pure intellectual honesty or logical perspective (an indicator that conventional wisdom is risk averse). CW purports that leaders can be developed, and leadership skills refined, which has been proven to be true (see the military). While leadership is just one (1) trait of an entrepreneur, if you can take anyone and develop them into a leader, why then could you not do the same with entrepreneurialism. The obvious answer is that you CAN.

Every Person is already an Entrepreneur. What is variable from person to person is the Degree to which entrepreneurialism is practiced; and the extent to which an individual practices entrepreneurialism is directly proportional to their needs, wants, and desires and their determination to have them satisfied.

Entrepreneurial Development vs. Personal Development

Personal Development, or self-help, focuses on emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. While those characteristics make for a better you, they really won't help you become a Successful Entrepreneur by themselves.

The very popular book and movie "the Secret" introduced millions of people to the "Law of Attraction" as the reason why people get what they want in life (or don't get what they want). While there is much truth revealed, unfortunately, "the Secret" leaves the most important elements out of its entertaining documentary. And the result is a complete distortion of truth and reality, including the reality of "Law of Attraction".

"The Secret" is a feel good story, which suggests that you can "manifest" anything you desire by simply sending your intentions and desires out into the Universe, and the Universe will deliver it to your doorstep; no work required. That sounds really good doesn't it?

That is probably why so many copies of "the Secret" products have been sold, spreading hope that success and wealth can happen without any real work. Do you believe that wealth will find you without any work just because you tell the Universe that you want it? Don't hold your breath!

In the Home Business arena, several companies offer Personal Development product lines. Some of these products are good; some are not. However, many of the Home Business 2.0 membership base has been involved in those businesses, and were discouraged to have their own lack of results blamed on their own lack of personal development; very convenient indeed.

Making money through entrepreneurial endeavors is not about vibrating and manifesting it is about creating and working; solving problems for customers. In addition, to discover those problems you must be DOING specific things and taking specific ACTION to actually be of service to others.

Your Entrepreneurial success will happen far faster and far easier when you focus on the principles of Entrepreneurial Development, as opposed to just personal development. Personal development, motivation, and inspiration are helpful, and you will have access to much Personal Development content as part of the Home Business 2.0 program; however, we will focus you on what will make you profits in your enterprise.

Developing the Entrepreneur in YOU

We can write endlessly about our core beliefs that we can assist anyone that has the desire, to become a world-class entrepreneur with the Pinnacle Evolution program, and specifically for Home Based entrepreneurialism, with the Home Business 2.0 curriculum. The proof though is in the results.

The core content of the Home Business 2.0 curriculum has been proven to work, having already created dozens of industry top earners in the last 4 years. You can learn more about the origins of this program in the text of this web site, in our free reports, and the audio and video content available to free members. Here's a summary of our approach.

We deliver our proprietary educational curriculum by leveraging today's Internet and, virtual conferencing technology as well as through LIVE events. The curriculum focuses first on core entrepreneurial development by integrating 6 key components or facets in our S1 or Strategy 1 program. We further develop your entrepreneurial skills and personality traits with our S2 and S3 programs with the ultimate objective of having you reach the pinnacle of skills to THRIVE in today's home based business environment.

Here's a short list of what you can expect to learn and master in the Home Business 2.0 Entrepreneurial Development program.

Strategy 1 (S1) - Home Based Entrepreneur Development Foundational Course

How to Tap in to, ignite, and unleash the entrepreneur in you right now. This content is proprietary and delivered in a hard-hitting boot camp environment designed to produce instant and lasting changes in your core entrepreneur.

f The basic tactical skills of success in Home Based Business. Micro trainings on everything from organizing and effectively using your computer, business development planning and action, free Internet Advertising, Lead acquisition and engagement, and basic Internet communication skills.
Emotional Intelligence training. Entrepreneurs are tough and have a high degree of emotional intelligence and control over their emotions.
Strategic planning, business planning, and execution. Success typically won't happen by accident, it happens by planning, and then execution of the plan.
s Action and Accountability. Ideas and plans are great; however, they are meaningless without execution, or specific action. Tracking results through accountability will ensure that you stay on course and on time with your objectives.
s Basic Sales and Language Strategies. Spoken and written words are the conduits into success. People do business with people, so relationship building skills are important.
s Service, Service, Service. How to deliver excellent service and why you should.
s Marketing Basics and Primer. You have to start somewhere. Before you can learn, understand, and integrate more advanced marketing strategies, you have to have a foundation rooted in the basics.
Strategy 2 (S2) - Exploding Your Enterprise
s Massive Action Mastery. How to multiply your results geometrically through massive action.
s Market Domination. You want to explode your enterprise you must DOMINATE a market sector or niche.
s Advanced Relationship Building. How to make every conversation and every relationship count.
s Tele-seminars and Webinars. How to master hosting conference calls, presentations, and trainings.
s Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. How to spot and exploit immerging opportunities through solutions based marketing.
s Personal Branding an Niche Building. Customers are attracted to those that are on a mission and provide solutions to specific problems.
s Intermediate to Advance Internet and Offline Marketing strategies and techniques. Massive results require massive exposure. And once you have a fledgling profitable business, it's time to ramp it up through ever increasing marketing and exposure.
s Leverage. When you want large results, you must learn where and when to begin to leverage your time and resources.
Strategy 3 (S3) - The End Game
s Mastery of Leverage through multi-channelling income streams. Why build just 1 income stream when you can have many from the same efforts.
s Internet Funnel Marketing. Learn to market like the big players do by using multi-channel funnel marketing.
s Advance Traffic Driving. Huge results are born with huge traffic and list building. You can make millions from your mail list, so building a large and active list is your retirement plan.
s Advanced Critical Thinking and Vertical Niche Development. How to create permanent niche market brand presence after discovering and developing advanced solutions.
s Advanced Language and Expert Relationship Building. There are words and verbal strategies, and then there is this very advanced to expert war chest of tools.
s Speaking and Selling From the Platform. How to create huge results and leveraging your time through platform selling and public speaking.
s Ownership and Wealth Building. The end game of all business is an Exit Strategy with asset accumulation and continued income. It won't happen by accident.
a And Much Much More! Home Business 2.0 is a Dynamic Content program, and we stay current on our material. That's why we use a web delivery interface instead of shipping a bunch of obsolete boxes of "information".


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During the decades of practicing medicine and owning small businesses, I experienced great success ... over the last 7 years working the Home Business Industry I have experienced success too; however, I find the failure rate in the industry unacceptable ...
When I saw HB 2.0 for the first time I was attracted to the truth, integrity, and transparency and focus of the program's vision, and the community as a whole. Is it refreshing ... and combined with the hard hitting entrepreneurial development training program, a person can finally earn as they learn as they are guided to have the success they desrve
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