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Leverage Producing Income Opportunity
Home Business 2.0 LIO Plan

Your Millionaire Plan - Step 1

Congratulations on taking the next step to learn how the HB 2.0 program can bring great financial benefit to you.

I debated for months regarding actually having a compensation plan for a straight affiliate program. What I determined was that people need a low price point program where they can make some money NOW! (as in between now and X-mas).

There are some great programs coming on line out there, but I don't think they will generate income as fast as this one. In fact I KNOW they won't, not at this price point.

The Following is a detailed explanation of the stacked perpetual leverage compensation plan. It has been used successfully with some variations in a few programs. (Have a great and bountiful Holiday with it).

The unique aspect Home Business 2.0 is bringing to the table is the INSTANT RESIDUAL and Perpetual RESIDUAL Income in the plan.

Study this closely and feel free to ask questions on our opportunity calls.

Home Business 2.0 Compensation Plan

The Home Business 2.0 Compensation Plan was designed to be simple and yet powerful, and most importantly lucrative.

What we did was combined a 50-50 affiliate commission split on the monthly fee and placed that within a hybrid 1-up style plan.


It would be great if I could get the software needed to run this business for FREE. Unfortunately that is not a reality.

The monthly cost to be an active member of Home Business 2.0 is $29.95. There is no product purchase required to participate in Home Business 2.0; however access to Home Business 2.0 Content will be limited unless you are a subscriber.

The Administration fee covers the cost of the Business Management Software (including web site replication and genealogy tracking); the Marketing System (Yes we have one coming that will be built in!), and a State of the Art Conference Bridge (Spider phone) so that ALL of our calls are professional and quiet.

My Commitment to you .... If after 90 days we determine with the growth of the company that we can reduce this cost to you we will. It is strictly to cover the cost of state of the art technology hosting for the basic system.

What you are getting for $9.95 would cost you about $90 with most companies that have a Fortune 500 company class conference call platform.


A monthly SUBSCRIPTION costs $100 is required to be paid by each member that chooses to use the HB 2.0 System and receive the Level 1 Product(s) and Support. This $100 is split 50-50 with you and the company in a unique way.

The commission payable 100% to the Sponsoring member(*) is $50 or 1/2 of the monthly commission amount. The company receives the other $50.

Additionally you will provide your Sponsor 1 Level Gateway Sale per level Deep Your Genealogy Goes indefinitely.


Leverage or Passive Income is Built By Building an Organization Of Active Members who are part of the HB 2.0 community benefiting from the advanced training and support calls. Let's have a look at this Organization.

The sponsoring member is the member who sponsors you into the Home Business 2.0 program

Leverage is built (additional passive income) through stacked activation. With Stacked Activation, the first person who enrolls in a NEW LEVEL becomes the level activation sale for that level. The commission for this activating sale also goes to the sponsor. So Let's Look At this Chart As the Money Flows ....

As you Can See, YOUR ($50 goes to your sponsor); Chris was your first sale so her $50 a month goes to your sponsor as well. NOW your Level 1 (front line) is Activated and YOU Receive ALL of the commissions from the rest of your direct enrollees.

Payout in this example: Sponsoring Member $100; You $200

Sounds Great Right ... But this is where this plan leaves the1-up, 2-up, binary, and uni-level plans in the dust when it comes to residual and active income. Watch this.

In this example you start to see the real power of this plan. First off the level 4 had to be activated for the sponsor and the first sale that came in on level 4 of the sponsor was Sally 01 (green). That commission passes to the Sponsoring member.

Here's the Payout in this example ... the Sponsoring Member earned $150 (green); YOU earned $400 (Lt Blue); Chris, Bob, Jim, And Christine each earned $150).

You are cash Neutral ... your business is paying for itself with just 3 enrollees.

NOW here is where it starts to get sloppy good for you. 1 monthly commission was passed up to pay your sponsor for activation. Then you get activators from Chris, Bob, Jim, and Christine, or ($200 for doing nothing). As you can see by the colored "X's the rest of the money front line from each of these members goes to them. Every time you enroll someone front line you open up a new $50 a month residual payment.

And the process continues to infinity.

WAIT .... there's MORE .... LOT'S MORE!

Here's the easiest way to look at this plan.

This Diagram Shows This Model More Fully Exploded.

The results are for Demonstration Purposes of the POWER of this plan. There is no guarantee that you will make this or any income at all.

Your Monthly Passive Income Checks will grow as each new level opens up faster and faster with more and more people as people go WIDE.

Assuming you have 4 distributors that duplicate 12 levels deep; here is how the MONTHLY MONEY will flow.

Sponsoring Member: 14 @ 50 = $700.00
YOU GET: 52 @ 50 = $2,600 a month
Each of your 4 Associates Get At Least $1,800 each per month ($9k Total)

And remember these numbers are based on Home Business 2.0 level 1 (S1) launch. We have 7 more levels or products planned so your income grows as your skills grow.

The bottom line is that you can get wealthy here, in a life skills building environment, or you can continue to struggle out there, selling whatever it is your are selling alone, relying on 25 year old methods that do not work.

With the Home Business 2.0 Compensation plan you get paid for each direct enrollee AND 1 commission for every level deep each of your enrollees duplicates. This applies to all products.

This is the most powerful compensation system ever created for the direct sales world, and now it has been modified to be Network Marketing Friendly with monthly residuals and the "Feel of a Real Business" that Direct Sales offers as you get paid instantly for your new sales, and ON renewal dates ... again instantly!


STOP Drinking the Cool Aid and START Making Money

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