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Leverage Producing Income Opportunity
Home Business 2.0 LIO Program

Congratulations on taking the next step to learn how the HB 2.0 program can bring great financial benefit to you.

In most affiliate programs, you get paid a percentage of each sale and the author or provider of the content, product, or service retains their portion.

We felt it important to your profitability that we begin our program at a price point that is easy on the wallet and marry that with a commission split and program whereby you would get paid the moment a sale is made. To learn more about the products, price points and commission splits click HERE.

No more waiting to get paid by a company, Click Bank, or any third party to the transaction. This is how it is in any true business. You make a product or service sale, and you get paid at the point of sale.

When learning the fundamentals and ultimately advanced entrepreneurialism, you will quickly understand the importance of cash flow, break even, and return on investment. If your business is not producing a profit it is costing you assets ... money, time, and energy.

When you are generating profits, you are experiencing a positive return on your money, time, and energy. There is no reason whatsoever that you should forgo becoming profitable in a business venture AS you learn to unleash that great entrepreneur in you.

The Home Business 2.0 program was designed to show you exactly how to make money, and provide you the instant vehicle to do just that.

You attract customers. They buy from you. You get paid. It's commerce 101.

Our core beliefs are centered on making it easier for you, the new marketer to make money and then choose to re-invest in your business, with proceeds from your business. To this end we have created a unique and proprietary compensation plan where you can build leverage and greater passive income through the results of others.

There are only a few ways to create financial leverage in business. One way is to hire people as your grow a traditional business to do work that you should not be doing. There is only 24 hours in everyone's day, and the key to business success and leverage building is DELEGATION.

In the traditional business arena, delegation happens by you employing people at great expense and risk to yourself and your company.

In Home Based Free Enterprise you can build leverage by exploiting Leveraged Income Opportunities (LIO's). LIO's include MLM, Network Marketing (as MLM is called now), and Direct Sales Network Marketing (high price points). There are other types of programs in this industry; however, we will not cover them as they are illegal in most jurisdictions.

So your mission in the Home Business 2.0 Program is to Earn while you learn, build active and passive income; and ultimately build multiple streams of income.

Here's the fundamental cash flow plan for your HB 2.0 Business

Step 1 - Become a Subscribing Client
Your customers will follow your lead as you first choose to become a paying subscribing member yourself first; both to experience the unique advanced training that you receive as a member, and also to accelerate your own path to profits.

Step 2 - Introduce Others to Home Business 2.0
As soon as you become a subscribing member of HB 2.0, you will receive your own personal branded set of marketing e-books such as "The 8 Lies" e-book. You personalized copy will direct your readers to you and your HB 2.0 web site with your affiliate link.

Use this e-book to drive traffic to your web site by sending out to any and all lists you have in your email database. After all you won't be doing any "pitch", just sharing information.

Step 3 - Make the Sale and get paid
Follow the marketing plan that you receive as a subscribing member, attract customers to first become free members. When they choose to become paying clients, you get paid. You continue to get paid each and every month that your customer renews their subscription.

Step 4 - Encourage Duplication and make real money.
Once you have begun to build a paying client base, you will want to build more leverage by becoming a Super Affiliate. In our unique compensation plan, you activate participation in the growth of your organization DOWN by referring a customer to the appropriate sponsor in the plan (The computer figures out who).

To learn more about the details of the Home Business 2.0 Leveraged Income Tsunami (LIT) Affiliate Compensation Plan, click HERE, or click the menu button on the left for "Compensation Plan".

and highly acclaimed ...
"The 8 Lies"

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