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Home Business 2.0 Mission Statement

While you can say we have 1 core mission statement, it is best to understand that we here at Pinnacle Evolution adhere to "Nothing But Excellence" in all of our programs including Home Business 2.0.

Our Core Mission is ... to assist each and every aspiring entrepreneur to find the financial success they desire by providing them with a systemic education in business and entrepreneurialism; an education that spans from the hard hitting basics for first time or struggling home business owners all the way to world class entrepreneurial excellence and results.

Through a never before seen "Earn While You Learn" compensation package matched with the information, training, and "more than a suggestion" encouragement and continuity program; Our mission is to instill and nurture entrepreneurial excellence in you and the way you conduct business.

It is our goal to simply and surely make you better at whatever parts of the entrepreneurial equation you require the most direction, attention, and assistance. We provide the complete array of skill set development including action planning and execution, sales and relationship building, and marketing deployment (online or offline).

Our measuring stick is your success. Home Business 2.0 is NOT one of these programs that is just focused on you parting with your dollars and sending them to us. NO, we are serious about you succeeding, and we evaluate ourselves as a company and as a community based on the NUMBERS; the business metrics of success.

At Home Business 2.0, providing excellence in service, support, and products/programs is the glue that binds our community with their path to excellence. And as such, how we do business with our customers will be nothing less that the pinnacle of what can be provided, and then a little more. As we will teach you ... service excellence wins ... always!

It is also part of our CORE mission to provide you an environment void of any deception, corruption, Illegal and unethical practices, or even the appearance there of.

We also intend to champion a new standard of discloser and business excellence in the Home Business Industry because it's time to end DECEPTION, CORRUPTION, Illegal Practices, and all other activities which have in the past, and continued through the present, damaged the credibility of this industry.

We are advocates for change in the Home Business industry and will set the new standard for disclosure, authenticity, success, and value. Simply stated, we want and expect those that want to have success in free enterprise, and match their needs and desires with execution of our clearly defined action plan; to have what they really want ... a life of comfort and choice, void of fear and insecurity.

The scoreboard does not lie. It is our objective to attain at least a 90% customer RETENTION rate by implementing all of these core goals and missions.

In summary, our entire mission is your success ... to unlock the true you, the entrepreneur, that powerhouse of creativity and ability to change anything and everything ... for you ... forever!

and highly acclaimed ...
"The 8 Lies"

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