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Which of these 5 "Deal Killer" problems, or the dozens of other problems, are you, the Aspiring or Seasoned Entrepreneur Facing every day as you pursue a Life of Financial Security and Choice ...

Consider .....

Problem #1 ... Rapidly Changing Times = Uncertainty
We are experiencing Global economic shifts that are far reaching. Economies are in ruins; once stable major companies bankrupt; and major capital markets fluctuating hugely and randomly. Companies are failing and are raiding your pension funds because of tight lending standards. It's not like it was for our parents, where they spent their lives' building a pension and then retiring comfortably ... and it never will be again.

Therefore, no job is truly secure, no pension is secure, and even fewer industries as a whole are secure.

Problem #2 ... is $1,000,000 of invested assets enough for you to retire with a Life of Choice? ANSWER: NO. It is widely accepted that you require $3,500,000 - $4,500,000 to retire with the same standard of living that $1,000,000 got you in 1980; and that number is going to INCREASE with time. What will it be 20 years from now?

What is your plan to bank $5,000,000 in the next 10 years?

Problem #3 ... Home Business Industry Knows These Realities Too ...
At a time where the need for reliable alternate sources of income continues to increase the Home Business Industry Continues to explode. However, the historically dismal success rate of 3% continues leaving 97% of new Home Business owners with even more financial stress. (Read "The 8 Lies of the Home Business Industry" to understand the industry better)

Problem #4 ... We Were not Taught to be Entrepreneurs in Schools ...
Very few (less than 5%) of college graduates have had ANY training in entrepreneurialism. Almost ALL of the huge failure rate in Home Based Free Enterprise stems from the fact that the vast majority of people entering the industry have had no formal training in being an effective business owner and entrepreneur.

Making matters worse is the fact if you want to succeed in Home Business, you are going to have to learn much about things that you never thought you would have to. Marketing, Sales, and Management skills are among the list of skills that you will require to have the kind of success that will guarantee your freedom and independence.

Problem #5 ... You need income to survive, and yet you require the skills you don't yet have to be successfully. This is perhaps the single biggest inhibiting factor to success in your new Home Business. Your Business requires your full attention, and yet unless you have deep pockets, you will probably have to attempt to build your business part time as you work to pay your bills. This is a difficult yet not impossible proposition.

The Solution to all of these problems, and dozens of others is the Home Business 2.0 Program. This program was created by Home Business entrepreneurs that understand your challenges, and more importantly, we care about your success.

We also know that you face these challenges and have created a solution designed specifically to provide you, the up and coming home business entrepreneur ALL of the keys to success, in a measured, hard hitting, business only success environment.

If you are unsure about these problems, read the free "The 8 Lies" e-book, and be sure to attend one or more of our FREE presentations and FREE member trainings BEFORE you choose an income vehicle. It could literally make the difference between success and failure for you.


and highly acclaimed ...
"The 8 Lies"

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