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What Exactly is Home Business 2.0 and what will the program do for you?

"... What a breath of fresh air! ... I just got off of one of the Home Business 2.0 presentation calls and was blown away by the candor and transparency of what you guys are doing. Everything just made sense ... and I have to say, in the 20 years I've been in this industry, I'm thrilled to see someone actually offering a program focused on developing entrepreneurs. It's brilliant and dead on for the times ..." Jay C. - Wisconsin

The first fact you must accept when you get started in the Home Business Industry is there is much to learn that you don't know. Your Opportunity Provider Company and representative will make success sound easy ... on purpose.

Success in business is anything but easy. If you cannot accept that reality then we suggest you not get started in free enterprise of any kind because it is likely that you will get hurt, and become a statistic. It is an age old truth ... nothing worth wild is ever easy ... it's just worth it.

(1) What Home Business 2.0 is first and foremost to you is a community of like minded thinkers that have decided to do business with standards and excellence associated with Fortune 500 America.

(2) Our core course content, continuity LIVE trainings, and mentoring calls are focused entirely on Entrepreneurial Development. We integrate ALL elements of your free enterprise success equation; business management, language and sales skills development, marketing skills development, and personal and professional development. While you may find these pieces offered separately in the marketplace, you will not find them put together in the way that we do here with Pinnacle Evolution and the Home Business 2.0 program.

(3) We teach you how to to run your Home Business like a real business, with Profit and Loss Statements; the whole 9 yards so you can make better non-emotional business decisions about this and all other opportunities. We want to end the damage that occurs in the industry as the result of people not knowing what they are facing.

(4) As an opportunity, HB 2.0 will offer you the chance to earn hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars per month. With our proprietary 1 of a kind compensation plan, you earn $50, $100, and/or $200 per month per customer, plus a power bonus system unlike any other for building an organization.

The dollars you make in this plan are stunning for such a low price point. And you only need 2 customers to be self funding on a monthly basis (that means break even), and 3 customers to be generating a profit. No other opportunity exists that will put you into profits faster.

Ten (10) customers earns you $500 a month, 100 customers earns you $5,000 per month, and 200 customers earns you a stunning $10,000 per month! (200 customers paying YOU per month can happen with 20 directly sponsored customers that go 10 deep with activated levels).

(5) This is a direct marketing program and compensation plan which means you get paid at the point of sale. The company NEVER touches your money ever. You make a sale today, you get paid today; and over and over again should your customers continue in the program.

(6) A Uniform marketing and training space for you and your customers. You'll make a better, more professional impression on your customers with HB2.0 Program as your lead because their first exposure to the industry will provide them a transparent view of what it takes to succeed, and provide them a way to earn while they learn, so they can evolve into bigger customers for you.

(7) We sell YOUR PROSPECTS ON LIVE CALLS on the industry in a way they can understand preparing them to either go through your company's personal presentation or TO SIMPLY SAY YES TO YOU RIGHT AFTER THE CALL to the Home Business 2.0 program.

(8) Home Business 2.0 provides a place where you can have uniformity in training for your existing teams and new associates. As you build multiple income streams, and have big success, you typically would begin spend more time managing than building your business bigger. Leave the support and training to us here at Home Business 2.0; and make an extraordinary additional stream of income as a bonus.

(9) We assist you in retaining your Home Business 2.0 customers by service and support that has never been seen in this industry before, and through our Profit Assure program. It is in both of our best interests that we retain our customers at at least a 90% or more retention rate. Remember, the Industry retention rate is about 5%, so we have lofty goals, high standards, and a strategy to create this kind of customer retention.

And we offer much much more ... The list of all of the benefits of Home Business 2.0 would require many pages to list and explain. We recommend that you join as a free member, and get your FREE report right now, so you can have a look at this program from the inside.

and highly acclaimed ...
"The 8 Lies"

STOP Drinking the Cool Aid and START Making Money


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