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Glossary of Home Business 2.0 Terms and Definitions


LIO – Leverage Income Opportunity is any business opportunity offered by a company where you generate income through product sales (the company's products) and build leverage by recruiting others into your sales organization, effectively building a large sales force that generates passive and/or residual income for you as your sales organization grows. The difference between having your own LIO and a Vice President level Sales/Marketing Manager job at a Fortune 500 company is only that you are in business for yourself. You OWN your business.


Attrition - The natural process by which your sales team recruits drop out of or discontinuing their efforts to build their own sales team. Attrition causes decay in your passive income potential and is the single biggest income killer in LIOs.


Hope-ium – The systematic indoctrination of the mindset of hope preached vociferously from an LIO company that encourages the troops to keep marching for the pot of gold that is always just over the rainbow.


Hype-ium – The "high energy" language traditionally used by LIO companies to exaggerate any and all aspects of being a member of the sales organization including, ease of income products, ease of the "system", extent to which other associates are making money, and/or the value of their product. The language is carefully designed, typically imploring NLP techniques, to confuse you about what is important when evaluating a business, and make the opportunity seem irresistible.


Dream-ium – The language this is designed to create "The mindset of mindless and never ending pursuit of your dreams" where you are encouraged to persevere through the pain of doing what does not work in the name of one day having your dream life. Dream-ium is easy to separate from legitimate business advice, as Dream-ium contains no real actionable details of what to do or how to do it.


Cool Aid – (new spelling) The stream of information provided by an LIO that creates a near cult like environment in the community by serving steady and large doses of hope-ium, hype-ium, and dream-ium to distract the masses from the truth on an ongoing basis. The objective is to have customers continue to dig into their wallets and continue to buy more products. "Everything will be OK as long as you keep drinking the Cool Aid" and buying the products because cool aid drinkers eventually become top earners if they drink enough cool aid (and buy enough products) over a long period of time. Warning "Cool Aid Withdrawal" can be hazardous to your health, wealth, and over all well being.


System – a process or tool that when operated in accordance with procedure will produce a predictable measurable result.


"The System" – The business operating manual of a typical LIO where they suggest that you just get leads, talk to people, take them through the sales process, and then collect the decision. This of course is an intentional misuse of the concept of a System because systems are inherently complex to some degree, as they are a collection of sub-systems (procedures and processes) that when properly orchestrated makes creating results manageable. 


"Our Simple System" – The intentional deep deception and over simplification of what is required to be successful in order to make it sound easier to be successful. The fact is, once you know how to execute a business, any business, it will seem simple. You will forget all of the trial and error that you went through to be successful. It is important to note, that while the process required to be successful with your home business 2.0 glossary of terms and definitions, may be organized and relatively simple enough, the Big Money earners generally do NOT use "The Simple System". They have created their own adaptation and niche.


Strategy – A detailed plan to be executed over time that orchestrates and integrates the use of systems, sub-systems, and well planned action in order to achieve a series of milestones and goals.


Honesty and Integrity – If you hear the words "Honesty and/or Integrity" as part of a presentation for an LIO, be suspicious. These words are labels that some LIO's use during presentations to hide the LACK of those personal characteristics. Companies have STANDARDS and those standards should be anchored in ethical business practices. It is individuals who either have or lack honesty and integrity, and it is typically those individuals who expend a great amount of effort speaking about their own Honesty and Integrity who do not have those character traits in sufficient quantity. Honesty and Integrity are not characteristics you declare that you have, they are traits you DEMONSTRATE through your actions and deeds.


Home Business 2.0 is a WAY of doing business, a set of procedures and standards which are anchored in truth and authenticity. The entire HomeBusiness2-0.com website is devoted to providing you resources for executing your home business 2.0 glossary of terms and definitions like your own personal Fortune 500 company as well as providing your reviews and critical intelligence on specific companies and tactics.


People who get "burned" or feel "scammed" after spending their hard earned money on a home business 2.0 glossary of terms and definitions are those who's expectations did not alight with the facts of the situations. And think about it, you generally do not feel like you have been scammed if your sponsors and/or the company did not lie to you, over simplify, or say whatever they thought was needed to get your money (a common practice that has given the Home Business/Network Marketing industry a tarnished reputation unfortunately).