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In 2007, Legendary J, a highly successful traditional "Bricks and Mortar" business owner, had quickly become Network Marketing Legend in just 2 years, and then decided he "had enough" of rampant failure in Small, Independent, and Home Based Business.

Legendary J had become more and more frustrated as he recognized that very few of his recruits had experienced any success at all; even though nearly ALL of his recruits were also in pursuit of the same kind of rapid huge financial success he had experienced.

In spite of a determined effort to educate his various customers with a wide array of weekly tele-conferences, webinars, and live seminar events; Legendary J came to realize that most people simply lacked comprehensive technical skills, selling skills, and the proper mindset for success in Free Enterprise.

Undetered by what many said was impossible, Legendary J went to work to SOLVE THE PROBLEMS facing small and home based entrepreneurs. He assembled a group of successful and Unsuccessful Home Based Marketers to assist him to develop a set of solutions that would Assure them all success, to make their success CERTAIN.

Together, they first built the Academy of Entrepreneur Development, a continuing education program where business excellence is taught and supported using virtual, live technology, and physical immersion events as the Entrepreneur Development format. The core purpose and design of these programs was to take ANYONE, regardless of their experience or prior success, and transform their technical and selling skills sets to become superstars in their entrepreneurial fields.

After many hundreds of hours of providing A-Z education in Internet Marketing, it became obvious that it was going to take most people a long time to assimilate even adequate skills. While many Academy members were able to go further and be successful with Internet Marketing, far too many struggled.

The obvious answer was clear, create a comprehensive Internet Marketing System which would "shield" any aspiring entrepreneur from the gory details of successful Internet Marketing, and yet have a system that produced real results in the Personally Branding world of the Internet.

Eighteen months from the decision to create Internet Branding Pro™ (IBP), the first fully working version hit the Internet with Huge Success.

Internet Branding Pro™ virtually eliminates the technical knowledge and workload required by our users to build Internet Empires FAST. IBP so simplifies Internet Marketing that there are only 3 things you have to do in order to be successful with the system, and you learned 2 of those things in grade school. We teach you the other skill required, and if you can write a short, 8th grade level book report (or pay someone else to do it), you can have Huge Financial Success on the Internet Today!

To learn more, click the "I WANT IN NOW" button below to enroll as a Free Member and gain access to ALL of the details about our program.

The secret to your future huge success is about to be revealed!


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By Now it should be obvious to you that Pinnacle Evolution™ IS a different kind of opportunity; that our mission is pure, vision huge, and commitment to excellence unrivaled ... because it's about time You have an alternative like this as the consumer.

If you want to learn more about the Truth of the Home Business Industry as observed from a Top Earner on the INSIDE, then read "The 8 Lies" FREE Report. We must warn you though ...

... ONLY Grab this FREE report when you want to be certain about how exactly to make over 7 figures with your Current or potentially New Home Based Business.

WARNING! This FREE Report is NOT for Small Thinkers!


Stop Drinking The Cool Aid and START Making Money!

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