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His Vampire Tactics have banked over $33K in the first 8 weeks, 2 hours / day max as he Ramps Up to 7 Figures + per year ... Here's Exactly How.

Interview with an Internet Vampire

In Part 1 he revealed this #1 Secret after Network Marketing Top Leaders Begged Him NOT to ... He did it anyway!

In Part 2, he revealed the shocking Marketing Science behind Factor 7 Marketing Profit Plan and Product Price Points.

Part 1 & 2

In Part 3, The Internet Vampire puts it all together and shows the exact 7 figure strategy in motion using Science, not hype, as the basis for the results he is seeing. (And that you can see as well).

Come See For Yourself how you can create Fool Proof 7 Figure Results by leveraging Factor 7 and more.

Tune in to PART 3 for The Filet Mignon ...

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