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Is Marie Grace Berg A Real Authority On Home Business Or Network Marketing

jim rivas thoughts on is marie grace berg a real authority on home business or network marketingI have started to see reviews posted on the Internet by Marie Grace Berg where she posts a review of a particular business opportunity and then tells you that the particular opportunity such as LifePath Unlimited is not a workable opportunity UNLESS you purchase "Her" opportunity first. 

What is her opportunity? A marketing Training School? I have a few key points to make about this.

#1) Who is Marie Grace Berg? What is her authority/expertise in the Network Marketing and/or Direct Sales Network Marketing industries? If you want to Follow a truly successful home business Entrepreneur's advice, check out Jim Rivas at JimRivas.com. Many brand new marketers emerge on the Internet claiming to be authorities on topics such as LifePath Unlimited business opportunity and others. BE CAREFUL. Review sites such as Marie Grace Berg's are Bait and Switch sites, and she is following the instructions that she learned in her marketing opportunity. Should you believe it? The answer from a multiple 7 figure earner in Direct Sales Network Marketing including hundreds of thousands in the Joint Marketing Alliance is that ...

Jim Rivas accepting Top Earner Award for LifePath Unlimited#2) Marie Grace Berg is totally wrong about LifePath ... well maybe not. As a LifePath Marketer, Visionary, and the first person to sign up when LifePath was launching in 2007, I can tell you that LifePath Unlimited's founders, Joe Neid and Dave Makenzie are two of the most dedicated leaders I know.To their credit, Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie gave LifePath their all.

LifePath Unlimited simply suffered the fate of all opportunities using the "OLD" or Legacy direct sales model. So few people have the kind of money to spend (risk) on Super High Price point products and programs any more. It's not as much about the money (although that is certainly an issue in these economic times), but the likelyhood of commercial success in the business.

LifePath was a TOUGH SELL, even though their products were decent compare with Liberty League, EPI and others. So few people understand Personal Development and as a result have a difficult time marketing it. I was just such a person in 2004 when my first exposure to the 2up style opportunity was LLI. I chose EPI (which began an incredible run which continues to this day) because I could see people being interested in a financial education product that ALSO included personal development (Wealth and Self). As a result I sold MILLIONS of DOLLARS worthof thier products, quickly becoming Top Dog in both EPI, and a legend in the Direct Sales Industry (so says others ... $0 - $1,000,000 in 12 months flat with no prior experience).

That truth aside ... and back to the point ... Marie Grave Berg should be telling you that marketing is ONLY a piece of the equation. Marketability, Demand and your Sales skills will have far more to do with your success than Internet Marketing. And I'm an Internet Marketer. Internet Marketing is a great way to generate leads; however, YOU have to engage those leads, build rapport, and attract them into your business.

OR you could use the revolutionary NEW marketing and sales automated platform known as JMAP (even for free). Read the next section below to discover the next generation of Internet Marketing technology.

Back to LifePath ... Dave and Joe poured their hearts and souls into making LifePath work. I know, I was there at the beginning and the END. Unfortunately they ended up stiffing hundreds of LifePath members for their conference tickets (and those were expensive); but the bottom line was, they went out of business because their marketing model is obsolete. LifePath provided great lead sources, marketing systems, excellent sales training with Mitch Axelrod and others. They really tried to make it work in a new "Non Legacy" marketplace; yet ultimate, time caught up with them.

You can think what you want to abou Dave and Joe. I;ve had businesses fail with me at the helm. It's not pleasant. However, I know Joe and Dave gaveit everything to survive.

So the moral of the story is ... every opportunity has its detractors, and for people like Marie Grace Berg to write negative reviews as a cloak to market "her agenda" does not do the reader any justice. Come on Mare Berg, show some Integrity.   

 And here's the shocking truth about 2013 ... take it from a 7 Figure Earner, you DON'T need to spend months and years learning about Internet or offline marketing anymore ...


is marie grace berg a real authority on home business or network marketing #3) You Don't Need To Learn About Internet Marketing anymore if you use this system. The Joint Marketing Alliance and JMAP System has made opportunities and solutions like the one Marie Grace Berg promotes, completely obsolete. JMAP is a breakthrough technology that changes the marketing game completely, especially for a brand new marketer. In fact, this website was produced with the JMAP system, and you see where it ranks right? Stop Believing people like Marie Grace Berg, and start following the home business powerhouses like Jim Rivas and Marquise Jeffrey.



The Bottom Line ...

If you search around the Internet Enough, you will find many marketers like Marie Grace Berg who claim to be authorities on other opportunities, when all she is up to is the classic bait and switch. Can you really trust someone who engages in Deception Based Marketing? Clearly Marie Grace Berg is engaging in deception and you should behave accordingly, you should avoid her, and whatever marketing opportunity that would teach souch tactics.

Jim Rivas Million Dollar Award vs is marie grace berg a real authority on home business or network marketingInstead, look for the advice from people who have awarads like the one on the left, a Million Dollar earner award. I don't think Marie Grace Berg has one!

Further, if you want to skip all the hard learning, just get a JMAP! If you want to make Big Dollars, and I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, you will require a vehicle such as LifePath Unlimited. And LifePath Unlimited IS the premier Big Profit Opportunity for earning profits of $1,000, $5,000, and $9,000 per transaction. If you think that's too much? Just ask yourself ... what is your 1 precious life really worth? What is your happiness worth? What is your independence worth.

If you want to accelerate your success in life, business, and relationships LifePath Unlimited's products are second to none!

Don't Listen to Marie Grace Berg about LifePath or about Marketing!

If you want to talk to me, and discover how to accelerate your success and life, call Jim at 866-495-2115 is marie grace berg a real authority on home business or network marketing

Is Marie Grace Berg A Real Authority On Home Business Or Network Marketing: