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The Easiest Way to Make Fast Cash and ALSO Long Lasting Cash is to Position Yourself at the Beginning of a Huge Trend spawned by Breakthrough Technology ... just like the Now Wealthy early investors in Google did ...

How is it that a Practice that has been in place since the beginning of Mankind has Mysteriously Skipped today's Explosive Business Frontier ... the Internet?

And how this AMAZING New Technology ELIMINATES the Guess Work, Trial and Error,
Expense, and YEARS of Hard Tedious Gut Wrenching WORK
required to build a Profitable Internet Presence ...

By Implementing the Simple Principle of the "Business Alliance" Transparently

You can fight the "Goliaths" of the Internet World ...
AND WIN BIG ... Faster and Easier Than You Ever Imagined!


jmap_business_allianceWhy is it that Businesses have for centuries forged Strategic Alliances? That's right ... you've heard of it before haven't you? Big company X signs alliance deal with Big Company Y; or a group of little companies getting together to create greater buying power. The reasons, size, and scope of business alliances is varied and large.

The amazing thing about this business phenomenon is that these alliances are often between competitors. Another amazing reality about business alliances is that the practice has been going on since individual men and women began working together in family and/or tribal groups way way way back in the early days.

So why is it that Strategic Business Alliances don't happen on the Internet? On the Internet, the only way you see an Alliance type of practice is through JV's or Joint Ventures between the elite marketers.

jmap_bad_newsYet here's the BAD NEWS. Today's business alliances on the Internet are reserved mostly for those individuals and businesses who already have Huge Lists and very successful Internet businesses. The rest of us, the new aspiring and/or struggling Internet marketers and small business owners are LOCKED OUT of This Party.

jmap_guru_cash_grabAND The only way IN to this Party is to ALREADY have Internet success. In fact, MONEY won't even get you in; you have to have large established lists for any of the Gurus or Internet Juggernauts to want to do a JV with you.

It's a Pure Case of the Rich Getting Richer, the Very Few DOMINATING most of the the hoards of wealth that is being created on the Internet EVEN IN THIS LOUSY ECONOMY!

So How Do You Get In? What are Your Options for Joining the Party?

jmap_guru_exclusive_partyThe First Conventional Way In to the Internet Profit Party adds insult to injury! If you haven't already, you probably soon will, spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars learning how to market on the Internet. And WHO will you be sending your precious hard earned dollars to? Those very Gurus who won't let you into their Party in the first place. How's that for a slap in the face!

It Get's Worse! Assuming that you can overcome the incredible technological challenges that face you, and the YEARS of difficult painful work, which more often than not results in a Strike Out; then you might be able to join the Party. Sadly, less than 3% of aspiring Internet Marketers make any money at all, and fewer than 0.03% (that's 3 hundreds of a percent) actually become wealthy following conventional methods.

jmap_there_is_not_enough_timeThere Simply Isn't Enough Time! Building and maintaining a profitable Internet presence takes thousands of man hours, when you follow currently taught methods, the strategies being sold by today's Gurus. And worse yet ... THE TIME REQUIREMENTS NEVER END with conventional methods! There is so much to do to keep your Internet presence ranked, and most of that work is redundant repetitive GRUNT WORK.

Discouraged? Don't be. The Answer to your dreams is about to be revealed. Yet first, you must understand that ...

jmap_lots_of_moneyThe Second Conventional Way Into the Internet Profit Party will cost you LOTS of MONEY! As you well know from being bombarded with ads everywhere you turn when you surf the Internet, you can force your way to success, you can BUY traffic with Pay Per Click Ads, Banners, Rented Email Lists, CPA, etc. And/or you can spend Huge Dollars paying an Internet SEO or traffic building company to get traffic to your web sites.

Be Prepared to Spend THOUSANDS even TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars if you go this route. There is an art and science to Pay Per Click (a big reason Google stock is worth so much), and mastering Google Adwords alone is a daunting task. Google, as well as other search engines, and Internet advertising providers, will gladly suck you dry. They will quickly and easily put you in the poor house if you don't know what you are doing; especially if you don't have a high converting well written sales letter.

jmap_more_bad_newsMORE BAD NEWS! The costs of paid Internet Advertising continues to skyrocket. You see, the Internet CONTINUES to explode, and conventional advertising is becoming less and less effective as wireless devices such as the I-Phone, have taken the place of the Yellow Pages. When was the last time you looked up a phone number in the Yellow Pages, or visited a Library, music store, or video store for that matter. This fundamental shift in how we ALL retrieve information has and will continue to push advertising rates to the stratosphere.

jmap_either_find_your_way_or_your_business_will_dieEVEN MORE BAD NEWS! And of course you must be wondering IF you can even compete with all of these ads and established marketers, since you are getting into the Internet game so late.

The fact is ... YOU HAVE NO CHOICE ... Either find a way to get your business on the Internet ... or watch your business DIE! Or, as is the case with the millions of home business owners, watch your business do nothing but drain you financially.

NOW ... For the Good News ...

How a Rouge Internet Marketing LEGEND "Walked Out" of the Party
Totally Disgusted ...

And then Created the Ultimate way for YOU to Fight Back; to be able to compete with those few in "The Party" and Beat Them with Technology they clearly do not want you to have ...

The Joint Marketing Alliance Platform (JMAP) sports a simple interface and fast success process, so you can spend your time doing things that are important to you, instead of being a slave to making your Internet Marketing Empire.

It has been years and thousands of man hours in the making which began as an idea and then a vision of a very successful Legendary Internet Marketer who grew tired of watching the masses fail on the Internet, after spending thousands of dollars and much heartache trying to "figure it out".

What this "Rouge" Internet Entrepreneur could clearly see a few years ago was what the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs saw a couple of decades ago ... that an opportunity existed to create an entirely NEW industry by solving today's biggest business challenge through the application of technology. The JMAP platform is a major component to this Global Solution that every business Must Have.

You see, JMAP's founder and creator quickly joined "The Party" in 2004, as he experienced 7 figure success his first year in the Industry. After a couple of more years of huge prosperity, he got an idea and developed a vision where the Majority of aspiring Internet Marketers would be successful. All he had to do was create a software platform that would execute the complicated and mundane tasks of building a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) presence across a managed network of independent Internet Properties.

By applying his 20+ years of IT and programming experience, he was able to accomplish his goals over the 2 years that followed. He first creating an organization who's members are typical aspiring yet previously unsuccessful Internet Marketers, and then developed a major software application which "managed" a vast network of inexpensive yet independent hosts for the members of the network.

The first versions of this technology are marketed under the names Internet Branding Pro™ (IBP) and Internicheware™. Designed for business and high profit point or "Big Ticket" opportunity seekers, these applications are "Heart Attack" serious in their capabilities. However, the cost footprint would keep the benefits of this software-managed "Business Social and Technical Network" out out the hands of the masses; and that just wouldn't do since it was these very people who the system was created for.

So the Software Engineers at Pinnacle Evolution™ went to work creating a scaled down version that would use the exact same software backbone as IBP, Internicheware™, and yet use a user interface that was condensed and far simpler to operate than that of the the advanced IBP platform.

Using the Facebook interface as a model, the JMAPwas brought to life at a cost that everyone could afford, $29.95 per month. To further accelerate the distribution if JMAP and energize the expansion of the network, an extremely lucrative Hybrid Affiliate opportunity was created, that essentially would "Pay" JMAP members for being part of the network. You can learn more about this extraordinary compensation system once you enroll for free.

The concept is simple. The implementation ... Not so simple for us. Two years and nearly 3 million lines of computer code later, his dream is now a reality. Anyone and everyone who can follow a very simple strategy, and do a shockingly small amount of work, can use JMAP to get high search engine rank in their target market.

Listen to This Audio to Understand the Vision of JMAP
How Does JMAP Work?

The Best Way to learn how JMAP works is to Join Now For Free. Once you are plugged in, take the platform for a spin, and get more information only available to members, you will quickly realize that the details of how this technology works are unimportant to you. That JMAP DOES work, in a little as 4 days, IS important to you. That you can make up to $100,000+ per month simply for being a JMAP network member is what is important to you. That finally having Internet Success is what's important to you.

JMAP is exactly what the words, Joint Marketing Alliance Platform, stand for. JMAP is an interface that enables you to easily, and seamlessly build a targeted Internet Presence in any Internet Market Space. There is a piece of technology "Under the Hood" that methodically does all of the dirty work that you would otherwise have to do to optimize your web site to get high rank on the search engine.

What the "Underground" Internicheware™ system does is manage a large network of independent (and inexpensive) web site hosts, by doing all of the dirty work of making each member host "optimized" for it's target market place on the Internet. This underground engine literally executes just about every "Guru" secret as well as "main stream" strategies that you would learn by buying the Guru courses and have to execute yourself with their software.

Simply put, Internicheware™ executes the widely accepted strategies and methods for search engine dominance FOR YOU by leveraging the entire "members only" network. So instead of you having to create a massive and expansive presence on the Internet yourself as required using conventional Internet Marketing strategies, you simply Get a JMAP platform (or as many JMAP nodes as you require for different businesses that you have), follow our simple strategy we call "Gather and Stuff", and then Relax! You just sit back and let this Magical Software steadily optimize your Internet Presence for you while you spend that time doing other "more important" things.

The Underground "Joint Marketing Alliance" of JMAP.

The Special Sauce that makes JMAP so effective is the "Join Marketing Alliance" nature of how the system interconnects all of the members' Internet Properties. The reason JMAP was created was so that you don't have to learn, master, and deploy your own massive network of Internet properties to drive traffic at your "Store". Therefore, we won't explain all the inside gory details of how this system works. It is enough to understand the concept of how it works.

JMAP is a Seamless "Marketing Alliance". When you join JMAP, you are joining an Elite Internet Underground who's mission is to bring Internet Prosperity to the masses by doing ALL of the "chores" that are required to build a Search Engine Optimized Presence to your JMAP platform.

The Science Behind JMAP is public domain. Yes, how you get ranked on search engines and stay there is well known today. NO, you don't have to buy a Guru course to learn these strategies because what we have done, is incorporated ALL of those strategies into the Internicheware™ Engine (Robot). What these "Robots" do is create unique content signatures for your web sites that are perfectly targeted to your market. It then progressively builds links to and from your JMAP platform so that the Internet sees your sites as important.

All you have to do, to get your JMAP tower onto page 1 of Google in as little as 4 days, is a process we call "Gather and Stuff"; to collect content relevant to your business and target market and load it into your JMAP platform with a few clicks of your mouse. That's it.

As a JMAP member you will do 1/10th of the work (or less) for 100 times the result. You see when a large group of people each do a little, it adds up to a lot. So when you "Gather and Stuff" content, our proprietary Internicheware™ engine does it's thing with that content to make each JMAP network "node" behave as a highly dynamic content center on the Internet.

Think of it has having thousands, tens of thousands, and ultimately Millions of blogs working together, yet instead of YOU having to build them all. You just do your small part, and our software that manages this online alliance does the rest.

That is as much detail as we are going to provide here. Sorry, the exact methodology and scope of JMAP and Internicheware™ are closely guarded trade secrets for good reason. Our goal is to give you the Edge; to give all JMAP network members the edge in the marketplace. And that edge comes from having UNFAIR advantages in play for you.

After all, since it is our goal to conquer the Gurus, and show them that you don't have buy their e-courses to be successful, we certainly don't want our technology and know how to fall into their hands.

That's why we have created our process the way we have. To get further details about the platform, and actually try it out, become a member for FREE.

The Ground Floor is Being Built Right Now! High Ranking Positions are Still Available, But Going Fast!

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