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Wiznet is Coming! On Monday May 1, 2013

You will Never have a 2nd chance to Be First in WizNet and OWN Massive amounts of Internet Real Estate! Keyword Claiming will be by Factor 7 and JMA Membership level!

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joint marketing alliance news and happenings


WOW....JMAP enrollments are coming in like rolling thunder!

First and foremost we must apologize to everyone waiting to get your JMAP platforms set up.  We had so many inquiries from our blitz that we have literally been working around the clock to get back to everyone and get you set up. Thanks so much to Mike Renville, one of our top leaders, for taking the reigns and shooting some training vids for me this weekend.  Greatly appreciated. For those of you with the PL system, we will be releasing this set up over the next week and have Mike there for any questions....we will most probably do this AFTER The Basics on Tuesday. We will confirm after our steering committee call so stay tuned.


Monster Motivating Mondays 11:00am EDT Start your week off with a huge lift from Marq and Jim. They have been in the trenches and know what it takes to really make it as an entrepreneur earning 7-8 figures consistently. Drop in on Monday and get the motivation you need to get to the finish line! To make millions you first must have the mindset and the swagger. Register here::  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/288911680 Training Tuesdays..... No matter what opportunity or product you have, you need skills.  There is no system, including ours that will provide everything you need.  There is no magic pill. We put it all together and it is an easy set up and go but to get in the big money, you will need more.  We give you everything we've got but in order to benefit, you actually have to attend and participate. Check our event schedule at http://www.hb2events.com for the registrations for Tuesday and our Thursday session. Remember that the link for Thursday's Thunder is in your back office and if you want to grow your business, then you need to communicate this to the world. Basics...if you require help with your set-up, be on this session. Welcome to all of our new members.  You have made an excellent choice and as always, we are here to serve. The JMA Leadership Team  

Joint Marketing Alliance Announcement for April 23, 2013


JMAP Basics RE-scheduled to Wednesday, Sales Training Cancelled for this week, And JMAP Commercial (JMAP4Business) Price increases coming May 1, 2013.


In This Email -----------  READ ALL of THIS EMAIL! ------------*

1-JMAP Basics training re-schedule for tomorrow night

2-JMAP Sales Training Cancelled for tonight

3-* Thursday Night Webinar – WIZ NET – IMPORTANT!

4-* JMAP 4 Business Price Increases on May 1, 2013

5-* WizNet Think Tank Prime Keyword Space Advanced Claiming

6-* New Product to be offered called Absolute Authority (FW5)


On this morning’s JMA Steering Committee Meeting we decided to make the following changes JUST For Tonight. We are doing system upgrades still, installing the new sales funnels and members area. We felt it more important that we stay 100% on Schedule for May 1 Official Wiznet Launch.

Tonight’s JMAP Basics Training Webinar is cancelled and tonight’s JMAP Basis webinar is being moved to tomorrow night at 8PM.

1        -  JMAP Basics Training -----------------------------------------------------*

… has been moved to Wednesday Night at 8PM EST, April 24, 2013. If you were already registered, your registration has been moved to Wednesday night. If you have not yet done so, register at hb2events.com.


2 -     JMAP Sales Training ------------------------------------------------------*
… Tonight’s JMA Sales Training has been Cancelled. We are focusing ALL efforts this week to FINISHING our Sales and Marketing funnel upgrades in preparation for next week.






This Thursday night at 8pm EST, we are covering JMAP Wisdom platform, Wiz Net, the impending launch,  and how you can generate major cash flow using the WizNet Marketing Model.

Invite ALL of your important guests and …

BE THERE * BE THERE * BE THERE  yourself for sure




JMAP Commercial (JMAP 4 Business) Price Increases …

Effective May 1, 2013, all JMA and JMAP Commercial prices will INCREASE so the company can deliver the very best service and commercial experience. The NEW PRICES are competitive … actually still WAY MORE COMPETATIVE, than the closest competitive equivalent.

Plus new JMA Service Credits System to be implemented to acquire JMA/JMAP Commercial services  and support, including Factor 7 or “Self Serve” JMAP customers.

Secure Your Package services and system subscriptions now before the prices increase forever.



Upgrading to Factor 7/JMA Freedom of the Web Products …

There will be a very special limited Window of opportunity for existing JMA/Factor 7 members to “Claim Big Name Internet Name Space on Wiz Net”. Enrollment order will be by program level with JMA Visionaries going first.




Absolute Authority” is coming … First Live “Internet Authority” Event Venues being considered are New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, Last Vegas, San Francisco.

Upgrade today and cash in on the wave of Big Ticket profit seekers coming your way beginning May 1, 2013.


READY SET GO!  Ladies and Gentlemen … start your engines! This race is getting ready to get underway.