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Multiple 7 Figure Earner and Direct Sales Legend Disappears for a year and Develops First of its kind Software System to Automate his Secret Internet Marketing Tactics and bundles it with a Comprehensive Entrepreneur Support Program to
make Internet success certain.

They said it couldn't be done ... they said this marketer's tactics were not duplicatable ... The GURU's said the marketing system could not be built ...
They were all WRONG!

This Industry Marketing and Sales legend is poised to launch an Incredible Internet Marketing Technology Platform which automates the deployment of his Secrets and Strategies for anyone who wishes to be a Domination Marketer too, like the very few high earners are. And his System is NO JOKE. (read the testimonials below)

Imagine 1 platform that integrates, and implements ALL of the Proven Internet Marketing Secrets and Techniques that the GURUS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW .... because even the beginner marketer will be able to blow them away at their own game!

Back in late 2004, long time corporate business owner and entrepreneurial veteran Jim Rivas finally found the home based direct sales industry. After struggling for 8 weeks, he finally cracked the code, and went on to generate a 7 figure income; over 1 million dollars, in less than 13 months.

He had no prior experience in the networking or home business industry, and yet he proceeded to earn over $3,000,000 in less than 3 years in the industry.

For years many wondered how he was doing it, what were his real secrets. As a leader, top producer, and multiple-award winner in 3 different opportunities, he became an INSIDER. This "behind closed doors" insider access revealed much to Jim about the true intentions and attitudes of the ownership of these companies, and it did not sit well with him.

He was repeatedly told that he could NOT reveal the details of what was actually required to succeed. He was not allowed to talk about exactly how hard he worked. He was not allowed to tell other members that he used his own proprietary advanced Internet Marketing Machine to generate leads. He was not encouraged or allowed to tell the whole truth.

This approach led to internal conflict and became a problem for Jim that led him to walk away from the huge incomes he was generating with and for these opportunities, on principle alone. He was unwilling to become a soul-less, "lie through-your-teach", over the top "Hype Meister" Network Marketer, the norm in the Industry.

Yet Jim had a huge vision and idea; a game changing success interface for the average marketer that would enable anyone to actually market like himself, yet would not require the 25 years of technology, sales, and entrepreneurial experience Jim has in order to do so.

So adamant in his belief that he spent months reviewing many opportunities, looking for "the right company" with which to launch his wares as an adjunct program and platform.

After an exhaustive search, Jim came to the right conclusion, that the same thing would ultimately happen with any other opportunity, as happened with his first 3; that management ego's would ultimately lead to a problem.


He had seen it before and Jim was un-willing to go through the process of building a large organization with another company only to have the same outcome; being rail-roaded out after making tons of money for the owners, and then having his residual income stolen by greedy ego maniacs.

The only right answer was to create his own opportunity, where Jim and his leaders could make their own rules; rules that Favor ALL of the marketers and Affiliates, and embrace a collaborative environment.

With the Decision made and cast into motion, Jim began to create a first of it's kind comprehensive System and Solution for the masses. An "Operating System"; an Interface for the average person to be able to market like a GURU ... Instantly!

He did not create a "me too" program though. His vision was far greater than that. Jim Rivas is serious about helping those who are willing to put in the effort to be successful; and yet who need a truly level playing field and the ability to make money fast.

And he KNEW the ultimate equalizer was to create a comprehensive software and support solution that would be the interface for the average marketer; a direct connection to the Gold ... the highly qualified targeted leads required for massive success ... and now those 19 months of serious "in the cave" work have given birth to something new, different, and with a new standard of legitimacy.

After 2 years of development, Personal Branding Pro™ set to Blow Up the Market for Serious Individuals who need a rapid income solution and/or a way to Explode their current business,
and need it to happen for sure!

"As an SEO expert, I was shocked and intimidated when I first saw this platform. A marketing machine that would make my business OBSOLETE ... I charge over $30,000 for what this platform does in Seconds! It's scary good stuff!"

"I'm over 70 years young and have no technology experience at all ... so you can imagine how shocked I am that I have several pages that are on Page 1 of Google after only one week! Anyone can do this. Anyone can make money with this!"

"Now we know what you've been up to (Jim) ... I'm Stunned, this is an absolute Game Changer ... I'm IN!"

"Jim, what you have created will become the de-facto standard interface for any and all Internet marketers who wish to dominate market niches quickly, and on a long term basis ...
It's brilliant!"

"...This is a company with a solid comprehensive program and over the top marketing technology that is a force to be reckoned with ... they are re-writing the rules of the home business game with a value proposition that is for real; and there will be many people who break the 7 Figure barrier by having these tools and resources created by one of the Top Minds in the
Home Business Arena... "


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