Why is it Exactly that you would even think about getting started with a Legacy Direct Sales Network Marketing Opportunity?

Is it that you wanted to sell Personal Development, Wealth Education, or Discounted Surplus Travel Inventory? OR Was it something else?

99% of the tens of thousands of people who wrote the big checks wish they had only known ...
they wished they had asked these questions ...




If you are considering getting started with, have already quit, or are not seeing results in a Direct Sales Network Marketing Business that you paid several thousand of your hard-earned dollars to join, then you probably Want To KEEP READING ...  

Not long ago a group of Home Based Entrepreneurs got together to compare notes, and then to create a LEGITIMATE ALTERNATIVE to the Legacy Direct Sales Network Marketing Business. This group included industry Top Earning legends, 6 figure earners, AND the others ... the 99% of people who Wanted Results, yet were left out in the cold.

Many of these people had put down their hard earned cash; big bucks, for "simple systems", the dream of $50K+ per month incomes, "automated wealth", "Networking for Grown Ups", or a host of other Big Promises, Pitches, and Hype, without really understanding what they were getting into.

Many of these people were in the same boat .... they feel cheated and their dreams squashed!

What they thought was going to be a "business" turned out to be something else.

Consider the following questions if you are considering getting out of or in to a Legacy Direct Sales Network Marketing Program (any 1up, 2up, 10up, split leverage, or other Aussie Style comp plan, with a 2 - 3 product model) ...

question_number_1 Were you disillusioned by the promise of making money quickly in a direct sales company like LLI, LPU, CCP, WMI, LGN, or other high price point, direct sales company?
How do you feel about passing up the first sales you make at each level AND then lose that entire genealogy for those people? That means you lose out on the money that is supposed to ‘pass-up’ from those people. AND, who are usually the first people you think of to help into the business? Family and friends…which means you won’t benefit from helping your family or friends since you will lose them as genealogy.
How do you feel about the pressure to step up to the very expensive products? Did the fear of Loss of future revenue make you race to put a 2nd mortgage on your home? Were you told that "stepping up" was the only way to make "the big money" in the business?
question_number_4 Did you get into the ‘system’ and then discover something different than you were promised? How did you feel when you realized the ‘system’ was a bunch of calls that were a lot of hype and feel good rather than meat and potatoes of how to successfully make money in the business?
question_number_4 Do you like personal development, or wealth education, discounted surplus travel, and can sell it because you are passionate about it? Do you realize that you can't BUY the kind of highly qualified leads that will produce consistent income in the Direct Sales Business? You have to take on a new VOCATION ... and learn how to market on the Internet. Do you know how long it will take to learn this?
question_number_4 Were you expecting to convert 1 or 2 out of 10 prospects you spoke with into sales? What did it feel like to convert 1 out of 100 to 300 leads instead for all your hard work (if you were lucky)?
question_number_4 Did you feel like there was a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD? Why is it that some company leaders are allowed to violate the rules put in place to create a level playing field; and when you tried to do the same thing, you were slapped down by the Compliance Department?
question_number_4 How did it feel that moment you realized you were duped; that moment you realized that important and significant details were omitted from the discovery process and replaced with false promises and hype? Did you know that 99% of people who get started in a direct sales business Make NO Money At All, and yet spend thousands of dollars trying to boot strap what they were told was a simple legitimate business?

YES, it was tough to listen to the stories because for the most part, these were Business Professionals who were doing the telling. Good unsuspecting people who Want the Dream Too, but who found it nearly impossible to turn a profit in their recruiting only business.

To the person, they want a Legitimate Way to Make Big Life Changing Income. They asked on that day if someone would ever create a High Profit Home Based Business that simply Made Sense; that had Legitimate Commercial Products; that offered a Commercial Business Model; that actually had tools and resources which would attract customers.

They wanted an opportunity that they could feel good about representing; where they wouldn't have to bend the truth to succeed; where their own customers could be held by the hand by someone else.

They Got What They Wanted ...

Yes_is_the_mark High Profit Products with large Instant Profits AND Long Term CONSUMPTION based Residual Income.
Yes_is_the_mark A Business that is actually a ... BUSINESS with COMMERCIAL Products and Services that Companies will buy ...
Yes_is_the_mark Instant Qualification to Make FULL Commissions, recover product purchase investments quickly, and be in the BLACK financially before participating in a residual income plan ...
Yes_is_the_mark Marketing Weapons that ELIMINATE the need for long drawn out learning processes for lead generation ...
Yes_is_the_mark A Totally TURN KEY business launch option where EXPERTS SET UP YOUR LEAD GENERATION ...
Yes_is_the_mark Three completely Distinct ways to make money with 1 program and HUNDREDS of product and service bundle alternatives for their customers ...
Yes_is_the_mark Comprehensive personalized mentoring and continuity skills development ... no entrepreneur left behind ...
Yes_is_the_mark The Company delivers service, support, and training in a true NO HYPE partnership environment.
Yes_is_the_mark A Truly Level Playing Field with Systems, Methods, and Strategies where the entire Business Tactical Network benefits from every member ... AUTOMATICALLY.

And that is the SHORT LIST ...

Our Members Asked Us To Develop The ULTIMATE OPPORTUNITY ... SO WE DID!

It's the Next Revolution of Internet Marketing Technology ...

It's Exotically Powerful Internet Marketing made simple ... No Guru Needed ...

It's the First of its Kind Success Assurance Program ...

It's a company with Products that have legitimate COMMERCIAL Value and Demand ...


It's the fastest way for you to Create an upper 6 to 7 Figure Income ...

No Surprises ... No Tricks ... Full and Complete Disclosure ...
No Hype ... No Pressure ... Top Cut Professional ...

Put Us to the Test ...
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