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They Only Way to get paid is to RECRUIT new members. Get Paid Big as a Retailer, Network Builder, and/or Internet Niche Dominator.
They Only Way to buy my products is to join my business. My products are available on a retail only basis for individuals as well a commercial businesses.
My products are only relevant for Individuals Seeking Opportunity. My products are suitable and important for any individual or business.
My product value is vague, incalculable, or intangible. My product value is concrete, completely measurable, and so tangible that every business on earth needs it.
My Business is hard to explain to would be recruits, because we get paid by selling products, but we are really selling the opportunity. My business is very easy to explain because I have something of concrete value to offer every single prospect I speak with, regardless of whether they are looking for an opportunity or not.
I make 20-30 calls per day to average 1 new signup per day. My "bonus" for signing up a new member is about $25. However, in 3-6 years, I'll have a meaningful residual income. I have 5 - 10 very interested prospects call me every day from my Internet presence. I also call about 10 people back per day when I can. When I make a sale I make at least $50 (that turns into $50 per month) or up to $16,000 (which turns into hundreds of dollars per month residually after). By adding 5 people per week to my business, my monthly residual income is growing at more than $1,000 per month just on our bottom end product.
I had 2 good business associates and friends who I wanted in my business; however, I had to get 2 others to pass up to get qualified, or would have had to pass up my friends. By the time I got my 2 sales, my friends were not interested any more. I am so glad I had no sales to pass up. I immediately got 2 friends who also went out and got a few associates. This customer base generated me over $10,000 in my first 60 days, and that just the beginning as these customers are also building business of their own, and I get a piece of their action.
There is much about my business that I did not know up front. It was great to have all of the free information provided by this company while I was first looking at the home business industry. It kept me from making the wrong move.
I was told that I could simply buy leads and make money. That didn't work for me, but my company keeps telling my prospects that it does on their presentations. It was refreshing to learn the truth up front about buying leads. I bought some cheap ones to practice, however, I was generating my own off the Internet within a week, and these people wanted to talk to me.
The only way to make big money in my business is to Recruit new members, and convince them to buy my expensive seminar products. There is no residual income. With my company I get to make the big instant dollars from business building or recruiting, instant residual income from subscription sales, fat residual income from my commercial clients, and my IBP system is growing at a 30% per month clip, now generating $300+ per day and climbing.
Once my customer has purchase my 3 products, I am done making money off of them. Why would I tell them all of my marketing secrets? My company offers dozens of products and business starter packages, many of which produce residual income. Oh, and I didn't learn a thing about marketing on the Internet from my sponsor. I didn't have to, the company set everything up for me, and showed me how to manage it, all for the same price it would have cost me to buy into a 3 product direct sales business at the top end.
My company has strict rules prohibiting me from marketing other programs while I marketer their products and opportunity. My company not only embraces us marketing other products and opportunities, they give as a WAY with advanced technology to do so with ease.
I was told I could make 6 figures with only 20 hours per week of work. I haven't seen that happen yet. My company never told me I could make an executive level income with just 20 hours per week of effort per week. However, my Internet Machine now generates a 6 figure income with less than 5 hours per week of attention.
I bought the Expensive products and got to go on 2 expensive vacations and listen to some motivational speakers who tried to convince me to buy their products. I bought the expensive products and the company set up all of my marketing for me and worked with me 1 on 1 for a year building several niche businesses. I attended a few of the skill sets development seminars and they actually helped me get further along in my business while I was there at no additional cost.
I was told I could make instant income if I had a warm market. When I showed my business to people I knew, none of them were interested. I was told I could make money instantly by getting small businesses and consumer clients. It was easy, I just asked every small business I visited if they needed more customers, and when they said yes I scheduled a meeting and the company took it from there. It was the easiest money I ever made.
After my initial product purchase, I had to spend thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing to get quality leads. I was able to start my business small; and using the IBP technology, my income grows consistently from FREE traffic. I only talk to people who call me.
I've been in my business, attended all of the training calls, and I still don't understand exactly what to do much less how to do it. When I talk to my sponsor (the few times I can reach them) they say to keep trying, or suggest I buy something else from them. I decided to get the turn key package, so my business was set up for me. I don't have to learn internet marketing to make money, although if I do want to learn, I don't have to learn much, just how to operate the IBP platform, and it goes and get's traffic for me.
When I talk to prospects, I only have 3 expensive products to offer them. They want to make money, but very few can afford my expensive products. I love the fact that when I talk to prospects, I can discover what their needs are, and I have something of value to offer all of them, regardless of their budget. I make more money with less effort.
I've spent the last 5 years trying to learn Internet Marketing, spent thousands of dollars on courses and seminars, and I'm finally starting to get somewhere. I didn't want to spend years learning Internet Marketing, so I got the turn key package, and cash started to roll in in less than a month. I did decide to learn a few things, and they are easy to implement with the IBP super technology.
I spend $6,000 - $10,000 per month on Pay Per Click Advertising, so my $1,000 sales barely cover my advertising expense. I have to sell a couple of high priced seminars a month to survive. I don't spend any money on pay per click advertising, and I have 12 streams of income building with only a couple of hours per day of effort.
I tried to market my personal development product to a few businesses figuring it would make their employees and management better. None of them were interested. They said if times were better they might make such a discretionary purchase. Every time I walk into a small business I ask them if they have enough customers. The answer is almost always no. So I show them how IBP will get them listed on page 1 of the search engines in a matter of a few weeks for less than what they pay for yellow page ads. Most of them schedule a company consultation on the spot, with about half of them buying the service. They need what I am selling.
Now that I've been in my business for several months, and experienced no results, how can I credibly tell people that my business is easy, and that the information they hear on the presentations about fast easy money is true. I've been in my business for a couple of weeks, and I already have my own Internet presence and money starting to stream in. This flat out works. It's easy to tell others about it and make even more money.
My product purchases were for a home study course in personal development, and 2 vacation style events. They had no bearing or value in helping me get my business started. For the same price I would have spent buying all 3 products with a Personal Development company, I instead got the turnkey service package and had my businesses built for me. I can now afford to take nice vacations regularly (and they are less expensive than the ones with the personal development company).
My company's events have many speakers who offer products for sale in the back of the room, and spend most of their speeches trying to sell them. The events my company offers are skill set development events, and when I attend them I receive key skill sets improvements making me a better entrepreneur, and no one tries to sell me anything while I'm there.
My sponsor was eager to answer my calls before I sent him my money. Now it's getting harder and harder to get him on the phone. He blames me for my own lack of success, and suggest I attend more personal development seminars. I knew my business consultant was busy building his own fortune, so I simple used the company support system to help me when I needed it. They are always helpful, and make it easy for me to get through any challenges I may have.
I liked the cool web sites the company had when I was looking at the business. I had no idea I would have to learn how to drive traffic to those sites to make money, and how hard that would be. My company told me up front that driving traffic was required, and they offered solutions to make that happen quickly; and those solutions are easy to use and they work.
When I have a customer on the phone that can't afford the $1,995 product entry product, I have nothing else, no other way for them to get into the opportunity where they can make money quickly and then upgrade. What I love about my program is that I have something for everyone, the newbie, the novice, and even the expert, in a broad selection of costs and options. I have to talk to far fewer people as I am able to make money on more people.
I thought I was the only one struggling in my Direct Sales Business. Then I went to one of those expensive vacation style events that I purchased to "get position". That's when I discovered that almost EVERYONE else was struggling too.

I'm glad I got started with PE because their business is my success, it's what I paid for. Their 7 figure express strategy is sure fire and easy to execute. The people I meet at the boot camp events are obviously building their success, and the higher end events are available only to those who are making money. It's a great environment to be with other successful people.

While I love the community aspects of my network marketing program, it's not a very viable business because I have to find the "needles in the haystack", the small percentage of people who are interested in our niche products at our prices. I now understand what a Business Team Tactical and Social Network is; a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs working together. And it's great to be marketing a product that every business on earth needs.
What do you mean I have to pay you $50 for the privilege of you selling me something? It was refreshing to actually have the company call me when I first joined for free, and then not having to spend a dime to discuss my options with them. I can't imagine charging someone so I can call them for a sales call. That's ridiculous.
I used one of those carbon copy style or reverse funnel systems. Only 1 in 50 - 60 of the expensive leads I sent through the system actually paid for the conversation. None of them signed up. I've spent $10,000 in advertising after I bought that system and now I'm $36 in the hole, and the only way out is to keep pumping money in or cut my losses. Our Internet Marketing platform uses main stream funnel marketing techniques and strategies. We monetize nearly 20% of the traffic that visits our web sites, and we build multiple streams of income, including the big dollar sales from other millionaire in the making marketers. It's such a smart way of building a business.
When I met the leaders of my network marketing company at an expensive wealth information seminar, they dismissed the idea of making multiple streams of income. They said I should focus on selling their program to make money. When I first saw the 7 Figure Express strategy, it just made sense. I would be building my business, like any real business, making money every step of the way. And once I got my IBP platform configured and out on the Internet, that's exactly what happened. I started making sales from affiliate products and receiving payments from Google for advertising, while the choice leads were chasing me. Making money from the beginning gave me the confidence to make even more sales to other marketers.
When I joined the program at the tier 3 level for $26K it was my belief that I would get more service, more personal help, and my marketing set up for me by my sponsor. Instead I discovered that they had very little interest in helping as they had made everything off of me that they were going to, and had no motivation to help me through. I purchased the top tier program and that eliminated the need for me to learn how to market before I received financial rewards. I didn't have to share or pass up sales either for any product, I made all of my money back first and pretty quickly.
I've been in my Direct Sales business for several months, spent over $20,000 in leads and clicks, and experienced no results. Most of my customers think my business is a scam; and when I get a good prospect, I have to "bend the truth" a little to get them to sign up. It's not a sustainable business model. My company has preached and supported authentic truth based marketing from day 1. Most of my customers wish they could buy the top level package because of the extra-ordinary value. All I have to do is tell it like it is. That's what the company does, and that's what we all do. If a prospect can't handle the truth, and see me and my company as the solution, they don't belong in free enterprise.

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