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The Secret is quickly getting out and hundreds are storming in to grab their spot in this once in a life time opportunity. OK, maybe a Rare opportunity, as most people unfortunately tend to walk right by Life Changing Opportunities, only to wish they had not many years later.

And they have stories like mine, the one where I didn't buy Google Stock at $29 a share in early 1997. It haunts me to this day! An opportunity offered ... and opportunity missed. Maybe you will be one of the ones who will say "I had a chance to get into JMAP on the Ground Floor ... and didn't" ... And you will know that those who did ... well they will have a very different story indeed.

YES, it's about the MONEY! And the MONEY in the JMAP plan is incredible, especially for such a low entry point. It's only a warm up though, and those here today will pretty much be able to script in a long term residual income with JMAP and ... well we won't let our next step out of the bag just yet.

By the way! ... we eclipsed 12,000,000 that's 12 million unique linkable articles across our network LAST NIGHT. It was 11,000,000 just 8 days ago!

And we are just getting started! This train is rapidly picking up speed and momentum!

And the biggest question I keep getting is ... Are You Going to Sell this To Google?

The answer ... NO! It wasn't why I started Pinnacle Evolution. It wasn't why I went through the thousands of hours developing IBP and JMAP. We created this for the average individual who wants to break the bonds of the normal life, and have a way to create the kind of wealth required to change your life forever. I intend to see that vision through to completion.

And JMAP is the FIRST step for you ... a low price point ... low risk ... high return ... opportunity which provides the very technology that YOU need, and every business on earth needs to Market like a Guru, and NOT have to be one.

So why are so many people Storming in Here Right Now?

And I'm talking about Big Hitters, Network Marketing COMPANY owners and leaders, as well as local business owners, and many many others.

It's because we have a fantastic solution to a problem that EVERYONE has, offered at an unheard of price, and a generous and easy way for you to cash in on the VIRAL EXPLOSION of our Joint Marketing Alliance Network.

The BEST TIMING is now. Pre-launch, and our special pre-position option ENDS on July 4th. Don't wait that long though, as it will cost you money.

In the END it IS About the Money. It's about your prosperity. And maybe you will be like me; I have a great true story about how I "Missed" on Google at $29 a share (I didn't act fast enough). Or maybe you will Be Smarter than I was back in 1997.

One thing IS for Sure JMAP is a Rocket Going Up ...


And Tonight we are Going to Show You How our Unique Pay plan can rain thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and YES even Millions of Dollars into your bank account.

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Every Minute you wait to Get Positioned High in this "Force Pay" compensation plan is costing you money BECAUSE many people CONTINUE to Join JMAP every day while we are still in our pre-launch phase.

Pre Launch of JAMP ends on the 4rth of July and by then the first Millionaires that will be made with this technology and program will ALREADY be on their way.

Come SEE what all of the fuss is about TONIGHT!

Thursday June 24, 2010 9PM EST

The Explosion of the JOINT MARKETING ALLIANCE PLATFORM (JMAP) continues ... thousands already earned ... tens of thousands of dollars more coming to JMAP members ...
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