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Have You Ever Wanted to Make a Big Financial Hit on the Internet?

After all, you have heard a few stories of nearly over night millionaires. There have been about a dozen 7 Figure per years stories from Direct Sales Network Marketers over the last 5 years which is great for them.


How did it work out for you?

Chances are you were one of the hundreds of people who funded those huge stories, weren't you. In fact some people who got started in high priced point direct sales businesses walked away financially strained and feeling scammed or taken advantage of.


Why is that?

Primarily because it was supposed to be easy. You remember that right? Well I have some news for you. You see, I am one of those legendary marketers.

My name is Jim Rivas, and in 2008, after making literally millions on the Internet marketing high profit point direct sales opportunities, I walked away from it all and set out to find a solution a way for average people who were willing to put in some effort to make life changing personal profits.

In the few years that have passed, the economy has changed, and now more than ever people, YOUR, need more and more ways to hedge your income against inflation, the devaluation of the dollar, or as insurance against losing your job.

The fact is, I did not make millions of dollars selling 1 thing, I sold MANY THINGS. And I had Internet skills, so I was able to set up the web sites to make that happen.

When I started designing and writing JMAP, sure I wanted my customers to make Big Profits form marketing JMAP or other opportunities. Yet what I knew was going to be a bigger game changer for many individuals was the ability to easily build many Internet Annuities with JMAP.

What’s an Internet Annuity? An Internet Annuity is an organic Internet Property that automatically cranks out cash to you from marketing affiliate products and Consumer Products such as those offered through Amazon.com and Clickbank to name a few.

Imagine having 20-30 separate properties selling everything from sunglasses to doggie biscuits that produce $500 - $1,000 per month each to you. That’s $10,000 - $20,000 per month!

And the truth is, that this is a more likely scenario for the vast number of average people. Sure, making $14,000 in 1 sales feels great. I know, I made plenty of them. Yet, I have above average sales skills, and deadly marketing skills. The deck was stacked in my favor.

Stack the Deck in your Favor, build yourself a set of Internet Annuities using the easiest system for doing that available today, the Joint Marketing Alliance Platform (JMAP).

In less than 2 weeks we get started with our next JMAP Bootcamp. There will be no more than 10 seats in this Bootcamp, and many of those who will sign up, are already Freedom of the Web 3+ Customers in the JMA, meaning they get access to all of the boot camps.

If you are not Freedom of the Web 3 or Above in the JMA you have 2 choices. You can purchase the Internet Annuity Bootcamp immersion Webinar series ticket for $295, or purchase your Freedom of the Web 3 or 4 product, and receive access and a seat to all of our Boot camps.

Check your JMA back office to purchase your Freedom of the Web, or purchase your Bootcamp ticket.

Remember, 10 Internet Annuities that produce $500 per month is $5K a month in your pocket. And this is passive income. It just keeps coming just like an annuity.

You make the investment in time to build it, you then just get paid over and over from affiliates such as Sephora, Amazon.com, and Clickbank.com.

Grab Your Seat Today before they are all gone!