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An expose' of the JMAP results for Rhonda and Brian Swan ... let the Truth be known!

by Jim Rivas

Rhonda and Brian Swan, "The Unstoppable Family", were JMAP clients and users in 2011. They joined the JMA as part of the LifePath Unlimited group. The JMA's Founder, Jim Rivas and Rhonda Swan First met at a LifePath Unlimited Synergy Even in Dallas Texas in August 2011. Rhonda and Brian Swan had been unknown competators when Jim Rivas was top dog with EPI, and the Swans were with Liberty League, where they were top earners in 2007, just before LLI closed.

When LifePath brought JMAP to their remaining members, The Swans joined, and encouraged their team to join. The Swans were using primarily YouTube to generate leads while promoting their International free lifestyle brand, The Unstoppable Family. Rhonda and Brian Swan decided to hire the JMA to build a few domains for them using JMAP technology.

The domains in question, UnlimitedSalesResults.com being one of them, was build by JMA personnel under contract with the SWANS. As Lifepath deteriorated, they went another direction as LPU's founder, Joe Neid, had made the company responsible for lead generation for their members (and for their cash flow). Rhonda and Brian were looking for more lead sources themselves when they hired the JMA to build their Internet presence. The project was never fully finished because of the seperation; however, the sites that were built still RANK on page 1 or 2 of the primary search engines as of April 22, 2013.

When LifePath Unlimited went their own way just before they closed down, they used JMAP as another scapegoat, and excuse for why their distributor force could not make enough sales to sustain LPU's viability. Give Joe Neid and Dave McKenzie credit, they treid just about everything including affiliate marketing Discovery. LPU closed in 2012 after 5 years in business. Jim Rivas was the FIRST LPU distributor and Top Earner, getting started with LPU in early 2007 as a VISIONARY.

Since LPU and Mirror Image Marketing are no longer in business, there is no way for Rhonda Swan and Brian Swan to capture leads from visitors to these pages as they are not active JMA members and JMAP users as of this report, so these pages just generate a lot of traffic that goes un-used at this time (04/22/2013).

The other purpose of publishing this JMAP is because heresay has it that the Swans (Rhonda Swan and Brian Swan) have publically stated the "JMAP doesn't work" ... that we (presumably myself (Jim Rivas) and Marquiese Jeffrey should be "Embarassed" by the performance of JMAP.

I have to say, For the Record, that I am very excited and pleased with the performance of JMAP. It does what is is suppose to do 100% of the time. I'm very proud to be a JMAP and Factor 7 Marketer. JMAP works even for those who forget they have it running and leave it alone for 2 years! Jim Rivas

The fact is, and this is Documentary Evidence; not opinion, conjecture, or anecdote. The search engines don't lie, and the reports below are true and accurate screen shots taken of each search phrase the Swans targeted keywords. See what those are below and Visit this website, UnlimitedSalesResults.com to see for yourself, or click on the keyword/query links below so you can see what Google says right now. (Depending upon the date of your request, and to whether the domain is kept operational, will depend on whenther you see the currently seend (4/22/2013) results.

For the record, Rhonda and Brian Swan are valued clients and friends, and this web page was created to both document the performance of their JMAP domains for promoting and providing proof for JMAP prospects, as well as to be yet another piece of Documentary Evidence that JMAP performs exactly as advertised when executed properly.

This Page is in no way is meant to attack or discredit the Swans. We are simply publishing the facts in our own defense since Rhonda Swan's strong allegations about JMAP. Rhonda is a very visible leader, and many people hear her words. So by providing this evidence, the world knows that she is mistaken, and in accurate (she is after all, only human). Should the Swans become active in the JMA again (and we would certainly welcome them back), they could gain access to this high ranking property and others, and perform the necessary changes to have those properties directed to whatever their new venture is.

And to The Swans and others who are chasing the "Community Blogging" application space ... it's already obsolete! Bloggin is DEAD (because of Google), and many have tried using "communal" wordpress domains. They all suffered the same fate: to build more relevance to someone else's domain (namely the company or owner's domain space), and to ultimately be blacklisted and delisted from search engines such as Google for non-compliance.

It should be noted that you can't run paid advertising, or even link to an Empower Network company site without suffering major consequences from google such as domain and account suspension. If you don't belive me, do some Googling. In the case of Empower Network, expect that their days are numbered (see Mike Filsame and Ellie Drake, Net Web marketer, and many others who tried the "Group Bloggin" concept.

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Here's to the TRUTH!

The Website in Question: UnlimitedSalesResults.com

(Click on Image to see a BIGGER IMAGE)

JMAP Editor Showing Tower/Keyword List UnlimitedSalesResults.com -
Showing Mirror Image Marketing Site TVF
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Sales Professionals TOWER MIM
UnlimitedSalesResults.com link Table showing tower URL's
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
UnlimitedSalesResults.com INDIVIDUAL Google Search Queies and Results
Click the Link with the KEYWORD above each of the images below to see the current Google Search for that keyword. Click the Image itself to see a bigger screen shot of the results captured for this web page.
Top Home Based Sales Opportunity
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
Best Online Money Making Sales Opportunity
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
Legitimate Direct Sales Business Opportunities - Sales Opportunities
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
Sales Professionals Opportunity Executive Income - 6 Figure Sales Income
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
Sales Career Vacancies And Business Opportunities
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
Sales Traning And Techniques For Successful Sales
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
International Direct Sales And Marketing Professional Opportunities
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
Six Figure Work At Home Sales Opportunities
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
Sales Business Opportunities From Home In Personal Development
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List
High Income Sales Positions
UnlimitedSalesResults.com - Keyword List

Conclusions: As with any and every Internet Property A.K.A. "Optimized", "Organically Ranked", or SEO website or web page, UnlimitedSalesResults.com could use some new content and content curation. HOWEVER, it is still holding tight near the TOP of some highly competative keywords with only JMAP holding it there. These pages have been that way since 2011 proving yet again that JMAP is the Real Thing. JMAP is an extremely easy, effective, and PROVEN Internet Marketing Super System. Accept no Imitations ... JMAP has been in R&D for over 4 years now so that we could deliver a PROVEN TO WORK software solution to the entire Internet, and create unfathomable millionaire making opportunity in the process for those who will take action.