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The Secret to Making Money with LifePath Unlimited Opportunity

By Jim Rivas

Jim Rivas - Home Business 2-0I had the unique a rare opportunity to market LifePath Unlimited products and opportunity in the very early days, beginning in early 2007. Selling a product line as great as LifePath Unlimited’s Discovery Series, Breakthrough, and Destiny before any of those products were completed, proved to be a challenge. Yet in spite of the odds , I was able to bank over $400K in my first year selling LifePath Products, with over $300,000 of that coming before the Discovery Series began shipping.

Before I get into how I did that, how you can sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of LifePathJim Rivas - HBC Cover Products before they are even completely, follow me on a brief tour through my journey that led to becoming LifePath Unlimited distributor #0000001, a founding Visionary Leader.

I first entered the direct sales industry in late 2004 by joining a direct sales program with high profit points similar to LifePath, but with a financial education product delivered 100% online. In other words, there was no physical product shipped when one of my customers paid $1,295 to get started in that program. (This is one of the key benefits of LifePath Unlimited and the discovery series. More on this later). In the first 8 weeks I was involved in that program, I invested nearly $10,000 in advertising, and did not make a sale. However, little did I know, I had set in motion what was to become a legendary run of personal direst sales success.

Jim Rivas EPI AwardBetween February 2005 and March 2006, I earned over $1,000,000 in direct sales commissions in denominations of $1,000 and $5,000, (That company had not yet released their tier 3 product which generated a $10,000 commission). By January 2007, that business had netted me close to $3 million, not counting ancillary sales and income from other concurrent businesses.

So why would I leave that, and become a LifePath Unlimited Visionary? This decision may see insane to most; however, in my short tenure in the direct sales industries, and learned that most of those opportunities were in fact scams. Further, I became a student of personal development having realized how important self growth and improvement had been to my own success. And so I thought it was the most important information a new independent entrepreneur could have as part of their own training.

As a founding visionary of LifePath Unlimited I have had the great benefit and opportunity to watch this great company go from idea, to vision, to creation, to the highly polished and finished state that it is today.

LifePath Unlimited is the ONLY high price/profit point direct sales opportunity I would recommend to individuals who what to change their prosperity and quality of life, not only by becoming a student of the LifePath Unlimited products, but also by changing your wealth position as you capitalize on the extraordinary compensation plan and profit potential of the LifePath Unlimited Plan.

The Home Business 2.0 Analysis of LifePath Unlimited

A review of LifePath Unlimited, and how this organization stacks up to the Home Business 2.0 Business Selection Criteria*

Homebusiness 2.0 Criteria 1 – Concept ++++. (4/5)

Marketing personal development products in the direct sales industry is not new. There have been a few of successful direct sales opportunities that pre-dated LifePath Unlimited such as Liberty League International, Emerald Passport, and Wealth Masters. However  LifePath Unlimited brought a fresh new approach to the marketplace. Instead of shipping some sorry excuse of a product for the tier 1 entry point, LifePath Unlimited  ships a one of a kind high value personal development product called the Discovery Series and matches the physical product with the 56 days of Discovery online interactive transformational program. When you consider the quality of the upper tier programs Breakthrough and Destiny, what LifePath Unlimited has brought to the industry is indisputably the premier opportunity and product line for personal life transformation ever assembled.

In summary, LifePath Unlimited changed the game in the direct sales industry both for the quality of the products, revolutionary compensation plan, and comprehensive continuity program and community.


Home Business 2.0 Criteria 2 – Management & Leadership +++++ (5/5)

Joe Neid and Dave MackenzieLifePath Unlimited is the brainchild of Joe Nied and Dave Mackenzie. Both Joe and Dave have extensive experience in both free enterprise and direct sales network marketing with the High Profit Point 3 product tier profit plans. These visionary individuals were not satisfied by merely creating a clone of the existing predecessor companies. Their quest was to create a company with standards that conform to Fortune 500 criteria in products, operational integrity, and marketing support/technology.

One thing that is obvious with even a casual look at Life Path’s various web properties is  the dedication to quality and excellence. Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie clearly had a vision of excellence in every aspect of LifePath Unlimited, and put their money where their vision was. The result, the very finest high profit point opportunity ever created.

In Summary, the founders of LifePath Unlimited, Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie had a vision of excellence for every aspect of LifePath Unlimited, and it shows!


Home Business 2.0 Criteria 3 – Products +++++ (5/5)

LifePath Unlimited has assembled 4 groundbreaking products that separates LifePath from all others.

You begin your LifePath journey with Awakeing. Awakening is a video, available on line or in CD form, that picks up where the movie “The Secret” left off. It is the introduction to what you can expect from the LifePath Unlimited product line. At a cost of as little as $5.95 (for an online view), you will receive actionable information and guidance to begin your transformation to your apogee life.

LPU Discovery Money Back GuaranteeWhen you decide to have more in life, more prosperity, more happiness, and more emotional intelligence, you will get started with LifePath Unlimited as a Discovery customer. The Discovery Series contains 2 parts. Discovery Series buyers receive the highly acclaimed 8 CD set delivered in a high quality professional package. What is contained on the 8 CD’s and the companion 56 days to Discovery online interactive Discovery course is a complete personal development series that takes you through every important and relevant topic to your transformation including the Paths to Purpose, Power, Attraction, Results, Relationships, Wellness, Riches, and Liberation. This Discovery Series comes with a money back guarantee of satisfaction that is funded 100% by the company. The retailer earns a $1,000 of $1,695 sale price, yet in the event your customer is not 100% satisfied, the entire retail price is covered by LifePath Unlimited.

The Second step in your LifePath Unlimited journey is Breakthrough. The Breakthrough event is a high quality, live transformational event designed to take you on a journey to break through your limiting beliefs, and connect you with the basis of your power. The signature experience available to all Breakthrough attendees is Firewalk, where you will stroll across a bed of 2,000 degree coals using your newfound power to effortlessly take those all important steps into your new life, un encumbered with your prior limiting beliefs and fears which have limited your life until now.  The Breakthrough event produces big profits for LifePath Re-sellers as well, and we are talking about $5,000 profit per transaction, plus leverage (see compensation plan below). Your first Breakthrough ticket purchase costs $8,995 and is all inclusive for 1 attendee. Companion tickets are available as well.

The final step of the LifePath Unlimited Journey is another Live Transformational Event known as Destiny. Destiny is  as all inclusive, 5 day event held a truly exotic destinations world wide. Destiny events are designed to complete your transformation through connection to your inner source and ultimate power, and vanquish any remaining limiting beliefs or fears as you participate in ascension and the assimilation of the spiritual connections made possible because of the exotic destinations where Destiny is held. Destiny tickets produce huge, $9,000 profits for LifePath Unlimited Destiny Re-sellers for each direct sale, as well as passively from the uniquely powerful and profitable perpetual leverage compensation plan. As with Breakthrough, you only pay the full retail price of $14,995 for a Destiny Ticket for your first Destiny event (which also positions you at the top of the LPU pay plan).

In summary, if you want to increase the quality of your life and your prosperity, you turn to the premier Prosperity Development product line, offered by the premier Personal Development company, LifePath Unlimited.


Home Business 2.0 Criteria 4 – Compensation Plan Analysis++++++ (6/5)

The Secret To Massive Profits With LifePath Unlimited - making moneyWhen LifePath Unlimited founders Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie were crystalizing their vision for the company, they turned their attention to the compensation plan. After tinkering with a couple of hybrid models, mostly based on prior direct sales compensation plans, the LifePath Unlimited founders had a breakthrough. 

With input from many Industry experts and top earners, LifePath Unlimited released a revolutionary compensation system known as the perpetual leverage system in the Spring of 2008. This was the final piece of the reseller opportunity masterpiece. This revolutionary compensation plan would make LifePath Unlimited the premier business opportunity in addition to being the premier Personal Development company. With this unique compensation plan in place, LifePath  Unlimited became the top Prosperity Development provider in the marketplace. Not only was the company providing the best personal development content,  but now they offered the most powerful and profitable compensation system making LifePath Unlimited the undisputed big time earning power machine.

Here is what is unique about the LPU perpetual Leverage Income Plan. The LifePath Unlimited compensation plan  is different and  it fixes most of the problems that historically have seriously affected the direct sales network marketing marketplace. The plan provides for massive perpetual income, instant qualification to earn $1,000 per transaction commissions, and the elimination of the traditional 2 up type plan.

You can get the details of the LifePath unlimited compensation plan here.

In Summary, this plan is revolutionary, and provides the serious and aggressive entrepreneur with a steady stream of  $1,000, $5,000, and $9,000 profits for their efforts with a definitive Exist Strategy.


Home Business 2.0 Criteria 5 – Marketing Systems and Support ++++++ (5/5)

For those who join the LifePath Unlimited community as a re-seller/opportunity seeker, a key component which must be present is turnkey marketing options. After all, if you are going to make money with LifePath Unlimited or any other business opportunity for that matter, you must become a marketer. Marketing is an integral component to the sales process, and generating your own leads is critical to your success.

LifePath Unlimited is a clear leader in this arena. Firstly, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, LifePath developed a back end funnel marketing system called Mirror Image Marketing which gives the user a replicated marketing environment or web site, where you can send your prospects, and have them educated about the opportunity before you make contact with them. Mirror Image Marketing does a great job of presenting LifePath Unlimited in a positive light, and presents it as the premier Prosperity development company.

The key though, to making money, is the ability to drive traffic to your back end marketing system, so that the appropriate traffic becomes leads, or prospects for the marketer to talk to.  These leads are critical, to the success of every marketer’s business, and LifePath Unlimited’s exclusive relationship with the Joint Marketing Alliance provides the LifePath marketer a unique and powerful advantage in the marketplace. JMAP is the only system of its kind that makes it simple for the serious marketer to create many marketing portholes on the Internet to drive traffic to their LifePath business or Mirror Image Marketing Back end System.

In Summary, LifePath Unlimited once again displays it’s excellence as an opportunity provider by giving their users several commercial class options to generate leads and have a viable duplicable business that produces not only active income, but passive residual income as well.


Home Business 2.0 Criteria 6 – Community/Continuity/Support ++++++ (5/5)

At the center of the original vision for LifePath Unlimited was the creation of an active community. In fact it is the active community that brings ultimate value to LifePath Unlimited. This community, and the myriad of support calls represents a continuity environment whereby each community member benefits greatly from  having this environment in place.

In summary, LifePath Unlimited is a prosperity development company featuring personal development products and serious business support products and services which creates the ultimate environment for success.

As Top Tier Executive Income Opportunities go, LifePath Unlimited receives the highest score possible, a Home Business 2.0 25/25. What this means to you, is that if you are looking to make serious income, making money right now, with large commissions per transaction, LifePath Unlimited is your best bet. LPU has great leadership, highly credible and useful products, a powerful community, and comprehensive success tools. All that is required for you success is your effort and coach ability

Disclaimer: Home Business 2.0 provides independent reviews of various Home Business and Franchise opportunities based on a pre-selected criteria set that differs from most “Review Sites” in that we look at an opportunity truly from a business Perspective. If you are serious about making money from  home, you want to learn how to make money with your home business by running it like a traditional business, and Home Business 2.0 is your guide and standard bearer if that is your quest.